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Pigeons be gone! – FREE Pigeon Pest Control Information

Are you being pestered by pesky pigeons? Longing to banish those bothersome birds? Need no nonsense and free pigeon pest control information?

Wave Bye Bye Birdy, with our Pigeon Pest Control

Pigeons are pests and you shouldn’t have to put up with them.

A pigeon problem should be taken as seriously as any other pest infestation. Pigeons are known carrier of diseases such as E.coli, as well as a transmitter of other pests and parasites in your home.

Moreover, pigeons are noisy nuisances disrupting your peace, and their droppings will devastate any surface.

Pigeons will destroy crops and plants in your garden in search of food.

Make sure you follow these prevention methods and solutions to avoid or rectify an invasion of pigeons.

Pigeon Pest Control, Precautions & Preventive Measures YOU can Take

Prevention is within your power.

Deter pigeons from your property utilising these simple steps:

Firstly, ensure to remove food sources that could potentially attract the pigeons, so make sure that all rubbish is place in a firmly closed bin.

Secondly, you can seal entry points such as the attic or chimney with metal wire cages. Any gap larger than 25mm can offer a potential entry point for pigeons.

Moreover, they are known to build their nests inside chimneys, blocking the chimney.

Another effective technique is the installation of a scarecrow in your garden to frighten the pigeons away – ones shaped like a hawk that are mobile and make noise are most effective.

Another quick trick to repel pigeons is the use of reflective surfaces such as CD’s when caught by sunlight can create a prism effect that affects the pigeons eyesight thus deterring them from visiting your garden and property.

Finally, another useful home remedy to avoid a pigeon invasion is to place a decent dose of strong spices such as black pepper, chilli or cinnamon into bags and put them in potential pigeon nesting areas. This will prevent the pigeons from visiting these areas as they are averse to these strong spices, however make sure to replace the spices regularly so they remain potent.

Proof of a Pigeon Problem

There are many visual and auditory signs you can keep a look out for to tell if you have a pigeon infestation.

Maybe you are seeing a large amount of pigeons settling on your roof or ledges.

Did you start hearing continuous bird calls.

You will see nesting materials littered around your property, with droppings largely in areas where the pigeons roost.

Damp damage may be a danger and a clear sign of a pigeon problem as their feathers and nesting materials can block drainage and guttering systems.

If you suspect you have a pigeon infestation contact Avon Pest Control for a meticulous, effective, environmentally friendly service in purging those pesky pigeons from your premises.

How Avon Pest Control can Aid You in Your Pigeon Plight

Avon Pest Control Is a Member of BPCAAvon Pest Control are a family run business operating across the Warwickshire county that provide a fixed price guarantee as well as prompt response times and friendly customer service.

Avon Pest Control are members of the British Pest Control Association (BCPA) and their pest control technicians are qualified to BPCA, Royal Society for the Protection of Health (RSPH) Certificate in Pest Control and National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC) Pesticide Application (PA1 and PA6).

Avon Pest Control are bird control specialists and will ensure that your pest problem is dealt with professionally, efficiently and humanely.

The affected areas will then be subject to specialist cleaning and decontamination. The potential diseases brought into your property by the pigeons are a health risk. This risk must be dealt with effectively and swiftly.

To prevent further habitation Avon Pest Control will then proceed by making roosting areas uninhabitable, installing specially designed anti-roosting spike strips along ledges, guttering and windowsills to prevent them from landing on your roof.

Alternatively, they can utilise environmentally friendly, none Polybutylene gel-repellents. These gels prevent pigeons from perching on top of your roof. But, do so without the addition of a visible deterrent device like the anti-roosting spikes.

Overall, Avon Pest Control are committed to dealing with your pest problem permanently, giving you the Best possible Service for an Affordable Price.

Avon Pest Control will Ensure your Pigeon Pest Control Problem is Gone for Good

Avon Pest Control are devoted to ensuring your property remains pest free.

So, alongside our efficient eviction and prevention of future habitation of pigeons. We will also return after the event to carry out ongoing checks.

We guarantee your continued peace of mind,  whilst ensuring that all birds stay banished from your property, never to return.

Tired of being persistently pestered by pestiferous pigeons, professional aid is at hand.

Contact Avon Pest Control for a speedy, affordable and environmentally aware service.For more information visit our Pigeon related webpage here.


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