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]Feral Pigeons are a nuisance and disease carrying bird that inhabit our town centres, roosting and seeking harbourage on ledges, window sills and sometimes ingressing with-in buildings, particularly roof spaces and eaves areas. Contamination of these areas is a major health hazard which requires specialist cleaning and decontamination. Specially designed and specified anti-roosting measures must be installed to prevent any further habitation. Cage trapping and removal is seldom found to be an effective long term solution as the population can increase rapidly due to the availability of food supplies.


Starlings are normally associated with domestic house eaves, where they arrive in springtime to nest and rear their young, Proofing using galvanised wire mesh should be carried out before or after the birds have vacated the area.

Pigeons penetrate the heart of many city centres. They can be found in the noisiest centres of human activity such as dockyards, railway stations and high streets.

Pigeons are able to breed virtually throughout the year, because there is so much food available in these locations. They are a very common pest within built-up areas and often can cause great damage to structures and buildings.

Commercial Pest Control
Commercial Pest Control

The very nature of commercial pest challenges requires a discrete approach and guaranteed resolution.

Industrial Pest Control
Industrial Pest Control

Compliant to the British Pest Control Association Standard which is considered to be the benchmark for the industry.


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