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Along with any physical control measures, goes advice, follow-up surveys and making recommendations, together with further prevention and sealing of ingress points.

We offer a range of total building protection contracts, preventative and remedial action surveys and proofing measure installations, we also include clearance and clean-up of contaminated materials, goods, waste and the removal from site within our remit.

Installations of nets, sprung and vertical anti-roosting wire systems can be an effective and environmentally friendly solution to preventing re-habitation by feral pigeon, starlings and gulls. Brush strips and baffle plates can effectively deny rodents access from ground level, eaves areas can proofed using galvanised wire mesh for lasting bird ingress protection of the building.

Fly-screens and flying insect control units can be installed to protect sensitive areas such as food preparation surfaces from flying insect contamination. We can survey, manufacture and install these bespoke systems to your requirements.

We regularly service, monitor and proof buildings as part of our dedicated Pest Prevention and Control Contract portfolio.

Call Avon Pest Control today on 01926 632 929 or 01789 293 463 and receive immediate attention from your local Pest Controller.

Building Protection
Building Protection

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