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Here’s How To Stop a Flock of Starlings causing a Serious Pest Problem

Act ASAP to cease Your Starling Pest Problem

Starling Pest Problems Explained

A large flock of Starlings, Swarm or a Murmuration are not just a simple noisy nuisance, but can be extremely detrimental and dangerous to your home, business and finances.

Starlings are also know to cause significant health problems. The bacteria, fungal agents and Ectoparasites found in Starling droppings and nests can lead to serious diseases such as:

Immense care must be taken even when cleaning dried Starling droppings, as the dust can still release airborne bacteria, that when inhaled can cause respiratory problems.

Flock of Starling ~ Starling Pest Problem

Moreover, Starling nests, debris or droppings can block gutters and drainage pipes causing water damage, costing you precious time and money in repairs.

As well as this, vents and ductwork are a popular Starling nesting place, which can cause indoor air quality problems and fire hazards.

Furthermore, the weekly costs of cleaning up after Starlings, especially for restaurants and outdoor eateries, can be extremely expensive and indeed, failure to eliminate droppings and nests risks health code violations and a consequent closure by health inspectors.

Protect Your Business, Home and Health from Starling Stress and Infestations

Simple Actions to Prevent a Starling Invasion

  • Remove food sources that could potentially attract the Starlings.
    • Place all rubbish in firmly closed bins.
    • Remove bird feeders to prevent attracting Starlings to your property.
  • Block Starlings from entering eaves or other open areas.
    • Use bird netting.
    • Alternatively you upgrade or install slope eaves to stop starlings from nesting or roosting.
    • For a cheaper alternative, you can hang visual deterrents with reflective surfaces to scare the birds away.
      • CD’s
      • Mirrors
  • Install a model of one of the Starling’s known predators.
    • owl
    • hawk
    • fox

Lamprotornis hildebrandti -Tanzania-8-2c.jpg
By Lamprotornis hildebrandti -Tanzania-8.jpg: Noel Feans
derivative work: SnowmanradioLamprotornis hildebrandti -Tanzania-8.jpg, CC BY 2.0, Link

Keep Your Eyes & Ears open for Signs of a Starling Infestation

Starlings prefer building their nests in domestic eaves, drainage piping or vents.

Starlings usually arrive in springtime to nest and rear their young in Britain. Springtime is therefore the period you are most exposed to Starling pest problem.

This is also when you can witness the largest amount of Starlings settling on your roof or ledges.

This same period also brings increased volumes of Starling droppings and nesting materials. These can quickly start to litter your property and become a health issue.

These rising numbers of Starlings during our British springtime can also add to the levels of noise pollution we experience. The continuous bird calls the Starling make add a considerable amount of pressure.

If you suspect you have a Starling infestation or are experiencing any Starling related pest problems, contact Avon Pest Control for a thorough, efficient, environmentally friendly eradication of the Starlings plaguing your premises.

Avon Pest Control LogoHow will Avon Pest Control Stop Your Starling Infestation?

We, at Avon Pest Control are a family run business operating across the Warwickshire county that provide a fixed price guarantee as well as a rapid response times and upstanding customer service.

Avon Pest Control is a BPCA MemberWe are members of the British Pest Control Association (BCPA) and our pest control technicians are qualified to BPCA, Royal Society for the Protection of Health (RSPH) Certificate in Pest Control and National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC) Pesticide Application (PA1 and PA6).

We, at Avon Pest Control are bird control specialists and we will ensure that your Starling infestation is dealt with skillfully, effectively and humanely.

Avon Pest Control achieves this by Starling proofing your property using galvanised wire mesh combined with other anti-roosting techniques. We also use spike stripes and sticky repellents in order to fortify your properties from Starling invasions.

These techniques can be used for domestic and businesses premise alike and no infestation is too big or too small for us to tackle.

Moreover, after the eviction, we add preventive protection where missing.

We will return to carry out ongoing checks, giving you peace of mind and security that your property will be Starling free.

Avon Pest Control is devoted to dealing with any of your pest problems permanently. Giving you access to a very efficient service with a an even more cost-effective price tag.

Contact us at Avon Pest Control for a swift, affordable and environmentally aware service.

For more information visit our website’s bird control section here.


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