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Cockroaches Pest Control

Cockroaches have been adapting themselves since time immortal to take advantage of man and his food supplies, being carriers of disease and bacteria they pose a constant threat although rarely seen, (being nocturnal) the effects of their passing along with the transmitting of these pathogens are felt by us all.

Efficient and effective control measures have been sought and refined as their defence and resistance mechanisms have become ever more powerful, finding ways to continue their spread throughout the globe the cockroach carries its young with it, dispersing them at will, where food is plentiful.

Control strategies have sought to utilise their gregarious feeding habits and therefore a number of different modes of application are available, it should be noted that cleaning disciplines and storage practice form a very important part of any control solutions.

Cockroaches, Order Dictyoptera, are flattened insects with long, slender antenna and rather spiky legs. There are usually two pairs of wings and the front pair are rather leathery in texture.

Their mouthparts are on the underside of their head, and these include chewing mandibles, their eyes are two large compound structures with long, flexible antennae. Many species can fly but are most likely to scuttle away.

Commercial Pest Control
Commercial Pest Control

The very nature of commercial pest challenges requires a discrete approach and guaranteed resolution.

Industrial Pest Control
Industrial Pest Control

Compliant to the British Pest Control Association Standard which is considered to be the benchmark for the industry.


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