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Noises in the Attic? Have Grey Squirrels moved into Your Loft Space?

Are scuttling sounds waking you up?

Have you heard scratching noises overhead?

If you hear such sounds coming from your loft at this time of year, at around four to five hours before sunrise, it is likely that you have grey squirrels living in your loft.

You maybe asking yourself: ‘How do I get rid of squirrels in my loft?’ If so keep reading we answer most FAQ’s relating to Grey Squirrels in this news article by Avon Pest Control.

Why have Grey Squirrels moved into My Loft Space?

Female grey squirrels have two litters of young per year. The first litters are usually born between February and March, and the second litter in summertime, between June and July. Most litters contain around 3 or 4 young, however, as many as 9 may be born in a litter.

If you hear a scurrying sound overhead in your home, it could be that grey squirrels have moved in to build their nest.

A squirrel’s nest is known as a ‘drey’ and is made up of whatever the squirrel can find to build a warm, dry nest. Loft insulation is the perfect material for them.

Besides disturbing My Sleep, Why are Squirrels in My Loft a Problem?

Grey squirrels are rodents, and as such have front incisor teeth which do not stop growing over the lifespan. Chewing can help to maintain the health and length of the squirrel’s teeth; therefore, they gnaw on materials around them.

If they are inside your loft, they will often gnaw on roof timbers and ceilings, tear up fibreglass insulation, and strip insulation from any electrical wires. This causes mess, property damage and poses a potential fire hazard. Grey squirrels will also contaminate the space with their urine and faeces, causing problems with odour and potential health risks.

Can I Trap Squirrels and Release Them?

Please be aware: It is illegal to release caught Grey Squirrels into the wild!

Can I Trap Squirrels and Release Them?

Grey squirrels are considered as invasive pests, which are not native to the UK.

Please be aware: It is illegal to release caught grey squirrels into the wild! (Schedule 9 of the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981.)

This law applies to wildlife rescue centres, meaning such centres would have no choice but to kill them, rather than rehabilitate and release them. Should you attempt to catch the grey squirrels in your loft space, you are legally obliged to dispatch them in a humane way.

What is the Best Course of Action to Take When Facing Squirrels in Your Home?

Here, at Avon Pest Control, we understand the importance of a good night’s sleep in relation to your mental health and coping abilities as we brave yet another lockdown.

As more of us face extended periods of time in our homes, we appreciate that you do not want to be sharing your space with one of the top worst 100 invasive species.

We recommend calling a professional pest control company to deal with your grey squirrel infestation as quickly as possible.

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