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Cockroach Infestation?  Better Call the Experts …

Whilst it may be a myth that cockroaches would survive the nuclear fallout of an atomic bomb, their reputation for resilience and adaptability is still well earned.

The World’s Oldest Pests

Cockroaches have been labeled as the world’s ultimate survivors. Genetic studies have shown that the last common ancestor of the cockroach we encounter today started it’s evolution process around 300 million years ago. Researches have used genomic data to obtain detailed information of the cockroach’s evolutionary history, stating that key evolutionary time points have been traced to when the Earth’s mass was arranged into the Pangaea super continent.

The continental breakup impacted on cockroach bio geography, when it is thought these robust pests may have ridden the seismic continental drifts, thus spreading to the four corners of the globe. Out of the 4,600 species of cockroaches around the world, the two most commonly found in the UK are the German cockroach and the Oriental cockroach. A key factor in the cockroach’s ability to survive so long, is their capacity to adapt to whatever environment they find themselves in.

The anatomy of a cockroach


German cockroaches live for between 100 and 200 days. This short life span helps to facilitate a more rapid evolutionary resistance to insecticides, as the genes from the most resilient cockroaches are passed onto the next generation. Cockroaches have adapted their taste receptors to evade sugar traps, which were commonly used as a DIY pest control, reorganising their sense of taste so that the glucose used to mask the poisoned bait tastes bitter, rather than sweet.

ResilienceCoackroach Pest Control

There are many factors which contribute to the cockroach’s high levels of resilience. They can survive around a month without food and over a week without water.

When they do eat, they can survive by eating rotting food in unsanitary conditions.  To protect their soft bodies they have an exoskeleton, which is both rigid and flexible, enabling them to flatten their bodies, squeezing through gaps a quarter of their size. Roaches have an increased tolerance to radiation exposure due to skin shedding cycles (which is likely where the atomic bomb myth came from!). They can run at an alarming rate, can live for a week without their heads, and some species can regrow a lost limb.  Whilst this is impressive, it is also the stuff of horror movies!

Due to the cockroach’s high levels of adaptability and resilience coupled with their ability to rapidly breed, Avon Pest Control recommend you act fast and contact a professional pest management agency to control the infestation.  Over the counter products are unlikely to be effective, especially against an established infestation, and will require professional grade products to eliminate the pests and safeguard you and your family against the numerous diseases’ cockroaches can carry.

If cockroaches are enc-roaching on your property, call Avon Pest Control today.  Our friendly expert team will be able to advise you on the best course of action for your pest problem.  Call 01926 632 929 or 01789 293 463 or click here to visit or website for more information. Let us help you have a pest-free and a happy New Year.

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