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Mice Control Tips – Not a Creature was Stirring not even a … Mouse?

This news article lists a few effective mice and rodent control tips. Unlike many other animals, mice do not hibernate during the winter months.

This means, as the temperature drops, mice seek shelter and warmth to nest and a regular source of food; all of which they can find in your home.

This is a concern as they can spread disease such as Salmonella, and can gnaw through electric cables, water and gas pipes causing flooding and electrical fires.

Mice Identification

Mice control tips - Brown House MouseHouse mice vary in colour between different shades of brown and grey, have a body length of around 60-90mm and a tail length of around 100mm.

The first indication of having these unwanted houseguests is usually by finding dark-coloured rod-shaped droppings, around 3-6mm in length, or gnaw marks on food packaging or woodwork.

Avon Pest Control’s Mice Control Tips, Prevention & Treatment Recommendations…

  • Mind the gaps – the best way to deal with mice is to stop them from entering your property in the first place. Fill gaps with steel wool and make any home repairs with sheet metal; mice can gnaw through most materials, but they cannot chew through sheet metal and wire wool to gain entry to your home.  A mouse can fit through a gap the size of a pencil, so be sure to plug even small holes.
  • Move your bins – mice will smell residue of sauces and canned foods in your recycling bins as well as any leftover food in your rubbish bin. Make sure you house your rubbish and recycling bins a good distance away from your property to prevent them coming close to your home and finding a way inside.  This is especially important if snowfall disrupts bin collections.
  • Eliminate potential nesting sites – clear piles of woods/ leaves and cut back overgrown bushes.
  • Pick up your pet’s bowl – after your pet has eaten, remove any remaining food and wash-up. Left-over pet food can feed more than just your pet.
  • Brush up – any crumbs on your kitchen surfaces and floors will be a feast for mice. Keeping your kitchen and living areas clean will help not to attract mice into your home.
  • Invest in airtight plastic containers – mice can nibble through paper and plastic packaging. Store foods such as cereals, grains, and snacks in sealed, airtight containers.  Mice have a very keen sense of smell, and such containers also restrict any scent of food which may attract them.
  • Contact a professional – if you have seen a mouse in your home, or found evidence of mice, it is advised to contact a professional as mice are highly adaptable, breed at a vast rate and are notoriously difficult to completely remove. If you have seen one, you can be sure its family are not too far away…

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If mice are causing you a problem, give Avon Pest Control a call on 01926 632929 for professional advice, information, and removal or treatment pricing.


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