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Wasp Safety Advice – This is How You Safely Remove or Deal with a Wasp Nest

Most of us will know all too well how painful a wasp sting can be, so finding a nest full of the flying menaces can be upsetting and worrying.  This may be especially problematic in the current climate, as many of us are working from our homes and gardens.  Obviously, we want to do this as safely and as wasp free as possible!

Queen wasps begin work on their nests in springtime, so it is this time of year that we need to stay vigilant and keep an eye out for nest building activity.  By summertime, up to 300 eggs can be produced per day!

The Dangers

If you have found a nest near/in your home or garden, Avon Pest Control recommend you contact a professional pest control company to sort your pest problem for you.  Wasp nest removal can be very dangerous and can result in multiple painful stings, as wasps do not die after stinging like bees do.  Not only are the stings themselves painful, they can also cause allergic reactions.  If you attempt to treat and/or remove a wasp nest, its occupants can become extremely aggressive, so expect to be stung.

There are various ways to treat a wasp nest.  Some include using sprays that afford the user to stay well back from the wasp nest itself.  However, these forceful sprays tend to stir up the wasps inside and make them agitated.  The average UK wasp nest contains between 3,000 and 8,000 wasps, but they can contain many, many more.  For instance, last year a house in Basingstoke was found to have a nest measuring eight feet around, which could have easily housed 20,000 wasps!  As wasps are well known for their seemingly unprovoked attacks, it isn’t hard to imagine the behaviour of thousands of provoked ones.  Also, when social wasps feel threatened, they release a pheromone which alerts other members of their colony, invoking the entire nest into a flurry of stings.  In these instances, even people who are not allergic to wasp stings can suffer serious health problems; 30-40 stings could kill you.

WARNING: Never attempt DIY wasp control if you are allergic or think you may be allergic to wasp stings

Avon Pest Control can also help you deal with Hornet nest.

Keeping Yourself and Your Family Safe

Professional pest controllers will likely use insecticides, which are placed near the entrance of the nest.  The insects take the chemical into the nest itself, and after a few days the wasps will die and the nest can be removed.  Pest controllers have expert technical knowledge of insect behaviour, protective equipment, tools to reach hard to get to nests safely, and access to insecticides which are unavailable over the counter.  This is by far the safest method.

If wasps are ruining your home time and invading your BBQs, call Avon Pest Control today on 01926 632 929 or 01789 293 463 or click here for our contact information.  Our qualified, responsible technicians will happily discuss your pest problem and provide friendly, expert advice.

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