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The Big Clean-Up ~ Making Your Home Sanitary after a Rodent Infestation

Here at Avon Pest Control, we understand that cleaning up after a rodent infestation can feel overwhelming, so we’ve compiled some top tips, advice, and information to help you return your house to a clean, safe home.

After the rodents or pests have been removed, aim to ventilate your house for half an hour before you begin the clean-up.  Then, put on some gloves, e.g. rubber washing up gloves and set to work….

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  • Vacuum up rodent droppings, urine, or nesting materials. Rodent faeces and urine contain harmful pathogens; using a vacuum cleaner could stir up dust which could then be breathed in. Wearing a dust mask may provide some protection, but will not protect you from viruses, such as the Hantavirus found in rat urine!


  • Spray droppings with diluted disinfectant or detergent to dampen them
  • Leave to soak for around 5 minutes
  • Wipe up the droppings/urine with a paper towel, wet wipe, or other disposable cloth. Put these in a bag and take them to your outside bin to dispose of

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  • Rodents urinate as they move., therefore the urine wont simply be in a pool. This makes things more difficult as the urine will be tricky to see.  Because of this, Avon Pest Control recommends disinfecting the whole area
  • Clean countertops and floors with a bleach solution or disinfectant. Ensure everywhere is thoroughly cleaned but pay particular attention to areas where you prepare food.  This includes decontaminating crockery, cutlery, and all kitchen utensils.  These should be washed with hot water and washing up liquid
  • Any foods that have not been protected by their packaging or sealed in airtight containers should be thrown away as they may be contaminated. Check for signs of gnawing and damage around the edges of packaging
  • Shampoo or steam clean upholstered furniture and carpets that may have been exposed. Do not us a bleach solution as this may discolour the material
  • Wash any clothing and bedding that may have been contaminated
  • If your infestation has contaminated your loft space, you will need to remove any exposed insulation


  • Wash your gloves with disinfectant BEFORE you remove them. Then wash your hands very thoroughly with soap and water after removing the gloves.
  • Stay vigilant! Depending on the reliability of the methods you used to remove your infestation, your house may not be fully rodent free.  Keep an eye out for signs of continued rodent presence, e.g. fresh droppings, and gnawed food packets.  To help reduce waste, you may wish to keep your food in airtight containers until you are sure there are no further rodents in your property. Avon Pest Control recommends keeping food in airtight containers as best practice to help prevent rodents from wanting to enter and stay in your home

If this all sounds a bit daunting or you are worried you may not fully decontaminate your house, why not phone us here at Avon Pest Control and let us do the hard work for you! Our expertly trained, reliable technicians will keep your property safe throughout the clean-up, and will effectively decontaminate your home, ensuring it is safe again for you and your loved ones.

Call 01926 632 929 or 01789 293 463 or click here for a free quote.


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