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Solar Panel Bird Proofing – Your Best Defence against Pigeons, Birds & Squirrels

If you suspect pigeons, squirrels or other birds are nesting under your solar panels, you need to call a pigeon proofing solar panel expert before they cause any damage.

A survey conducted this year by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) revealed 80% of UK residents have some concern about climate change.  In an attempt to have lower electricity bills and to reduce their carbon footprint, many UK residents have decided to switch to renewable energy sources, by investing in solar power. According to Green Match, solar power in the UK nearly doubled last year and the UK are installing solar panels faster than any other European country.

Unfortunately, it is not just the environment that benefits from solar panel installation…

Solar Panels are Climate & Critter Friendly

Solar panels provide warmth, shelter from adverse weather conditions and safety from predators for animals who can easily access roof spaces, such as squirrels and pigeons, making the underside of your solar panels an ideal nesting and roosting location.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing - Your Best Defence against Pigeons, Birds Pest Problems!

Solar Panel Technicians cleaning!

Why is this a Problem?

Nesting material and excrement build up over time, which causes several problems for your property and panels:

  • Waste and nesting material accumulation can cause blockages in your guttering, or under the panels themselves, leading to pooling water.
  • Excrement on panels leads to a reduction in efficiency.
  • Pidgeon guano is acidic, which may slowly corrode the panel’s material.
  • Squirrels may chew through electrical wiring, which can cause short circuits, solar panel deactivation and fires.
  • Squirrels and pigeons attract other pests, such as rats who may also chew through electrical wiring.
  • Additionally, there are health and wellbeing factors to consider, e.g., faeces can contain pathogens and present a serious physical health risk leading to several diseases including leptospirosis , salmonellosis , and tularemia, whilst cooing, scurrying, and scratching noises can disturb you and your family’s sleep, impacting on mental health.
Solar Panel Bird Proofing - Your Best Defence against Pigeons and Birds

Do You Need Solar Panel Bird Proofing?

Prevent Expensive Repairs

Having pigeons and squirrels nesting on your roof can see repair costs going through the roof! Avon Pest Control recommend contacting a professional pest control company as soon as you see signs that you have animals nesting under your solar panels, to avoid costly damage to your investment.

How to Recognising Bird Nesting or Roosting Signs

  • Increased squirrel and pigeon activity and sightings around your home.
  • Increased excrement on your roof, solar panels or on the space around your home, e.g., garden or patio.
  • Increased scratching, and/or cooing noises emanating from underneath your panels.

How to Solve this Pest Problem : Solar Panel Bird Proofing!

There are various methods of bird and squirrel proofing available. At Avon Pest Control we establish the best method for your specific circumstances and work expertly to ensure your solar panels and wiring do not incur any damage, e.g., are not drilled into.

Our package includes cleaning, appropriate disinfection, and removal of waste, leaving your roof space clean and safe.

If you want to remove and/ or prevent squirrels and pigeons from nesting under your solar panels, call Avon Pest Control today on 01926 632 929 or 01789 293 463 or click here to request a call back.  Our qualified, dependable technicians will provide friendly, expert advice and deal with your pest problem quickly and effectively.

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