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Loft Clearance, Decontamination and Re-Insulation

Loft spaces can create ideal shelter and conditions for rodents or birds to nest. It is essential to take action to remove these pests at the earliest warning signs. Red flags include scratching, scampering, gnawing, squeaking, or flapping sounds coming from your loft area.

Avon Pest Control recommend you contact a professional pest control company as quickly as possible before your pest problem escalates. Of course, once the pests are gone and identified entry points are secured, you are still left with clearing and clearing the loft.

Why Loft Clearance is Important

It is important to properly and professionally clear your loft and insulation after an infestation to decontaminate the area and make it safe. Rodents carry bacteria, viruses and parasites, some of which are transmittable to humans via contact with rodents faeces, urine, saliva, and nesting materials or via inhalation of aerosolized particles.

Such diseases include:

Pest infestations in lofts can often go unidentified for long periods of time, and nesting birds produce large amounts of droppings. Dust or water droplet inhalation of contaminated bird droppings can cause psittacosis and salmonella.

Your loft space can also quickly become a breeding ground for insects and other pests due to dead birds and unhatched eggs, therefore, for the health of yourself and your family, loft clearance and decontamination is essential.

Call in the Professionals!

At Avon Pest Control, we understand that dealing with any infestation in your home can be distressing.

Our professional, friendly, trained technicians have years of experience of dealing with rodent and bird infestations in loft areas, quickly and thoroughly eliminating the source of your pest problems, and clearing and decontaminating loft spaces, making your home safe again.

We provide the gold standard route to ensure best results, including total removal of infested loft insulation, comprehensive clearing and cleaning of any mess, and use of professional grade sprays to eradicate dangerous germs and diseases.

We then re-insulate your loft to current government recommendations.

Loft re-insulation
We’ve Dealt with the Pests, How Do We Deal with the Mess?

If you have had your pests controlled by another company, you can still count on us for quality loft clearance,  decontamination, and re-insulation.  No job is too big or too small for our qualified specialists.

What You can Expect from Us:

  • Loft Clearance and removal of old insulation and contaminated materials
  • Disposal of all contaminated waste in accordance with current legislation
  • Hoovering and cleaning the loft space, including cleaning cobwebs etc from the roof joists and removal of old wasp nests etc
  • Decontamination and disinfection of the loft space
  • Installing high grade efficient insulation to a recommended thickness
  • High quality service

Do you need clearance and decontamination for your loft? Look no further than Avon Pest Control.
Call us today on 01926 632 929, or click here, and let our expert team do the hard work for you.


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