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Fly Screens and Insect Exclusion; Summer Solutions and Designs

We are finally enjoying the warmer weather; longer evenings, drinks in the garden, and….flies? Yes, sadly, the warmer weather does bring a few problems with it. One of which is the irritating increase of bugs and flying insects.

The bad news is, flies are not only annoying, but they can also carry numerous diseases.

The BBC reported that such bacteria include salmonella, typhoid and E.coli which can lead to stomach bugs, pneumonia, and blood poisoning

Pathogen Transmission

Flies transport and transmit bacteria on their legs, feet, and wings, spreading live bacteria from surfaces they land and walk on…including your kitchen counter tops, appliances, and utensils, as well as any exposed food and drink.

Insect Exclusions and Screens

To help prevent bugs and flying insects from entering your home, Avon Pest Control recommend:

  1. Keeping kitchen windows and doors closed whenever possible
  2. Ensuring all bins have well-fitting lids. The common house fly is drawn to decaying meat, vegetables and fruit which may be found in the contents of your bin. As well as preventing access to your bin, try to ensure it is emptied regularly.

    The Common House Fly

  3. Do not leave left over food exposed on kitchen work surfaces. Always store food and ingredients in sealed containers, or in the refrigerator or freezer to help prevent flies from contaminating your food
  4. Any food or drink spillages should be cleaned up as soon as possible. Fruit flies are attracted to sugary drinks, and also overripe fruit, so ensure you consume your fruit in good time and discard if it becomes overripe. Alternatively, keep your fruit in the fridge.
  5. If you have pets, do not leave their food bowls on the floor containing food.Cover the bowl when your pet has eaten enough, and consider buying a sealed pet food bowl
  6. Check your drains regularly.Drain flies look for moist spaces to lay eggs. Keeping drains clean means less wet materials and therefore reduced breeding environment opportunities.
  7. Contact a professional pest control agency to fit fly screens or other appropriate insect exclusion systems in areas most likely to attract insects, e.g., near kitchen areas and where waste is stored.

At Avon Pest Control, we supply a wide range of fly screens and insect exclusion systems and designs, we can help safeguard yourhHome or business against flying insects and bugs.

Such systems include proofing doors, roof vents and windows, and fitting fly screens, preventing unwanted pests from entering your home or business.

We thoroughly inspect your property for vulnerable areas and provide options for the most suitable exclusion system and design.

If flies or other insects have entered your home or business and have the right conditions to breed, you may find you have an infestation. Insect infestations are notoriously difficult to eradicate. You will likely require a specialist and a treatment plan. Avon Pest Control recommends fly screens or insect exclusion systems; pest prevention is more preferable than pest elimination.

Why not call Avon Pest Control today on 01926 632 929 to discuss which options would work best for your setting.


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