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FREE Rat Pest Control Advice – Combat the Rat, Stats!

Rat Out Your Rodent Problem, Contact Avon Pest Control Today!

If an infestation of pests such as rats are causing you grief, here you can find rat pest control advice and prevention measures. We also offer solutions and services to help and provide you with support and information during this stressful time.

Some of the common Rodents found in Britain today

Some of the common Rodents found in Britain today.

The Do’s & “Ro-Don’t’s”

Our main rat pest control advice is simple. The main step you can take is ‘prevention’ in order to ‘safeguard’ your home or business.

Here are some more sure fire ways to deter rats from your property:

  • Make sure any entry points into your house such as chimneys or vents have screens over them.
  • Seal all cracks or holes on the outside of your buildings. Places such as gaps around pipes.This is necessary in order to prevent rats from entering the building. Rats only need a gap of 15mm to gain entry to any building.
  • Eradicate potential nesting sites by ensuring your garden is tidy and clean in all seasons.
  • Keep shrubbery clipped and cut back from the house.
  • Keep outdoor rubbish in secure bins to avoid attracting rats.
  • Ammonia is known and great repelling agent which is effective when used against rodents.
    Ensure your property remains rodent free and mix 2 cups of Ammonia with 200 ml of water. Add 2-3 spoons of detergent. Proceed by placing containers filled with this mixture in locations where rats are found.
  • Keep all your food in sturdy containers with tightly fitting lids to prevent rats from gaining access to your food.
  • Ensure you clean up pet food or excess bird seeds to as they are potential food sources for rats.

rat pest control advice

How to Recognize the Signs of a Rat Pest Problem

Our main rat pest control advice is:

Catch Them Early

It is important to identify a rat infestation as early as possible in order to prevent the infestation from growing.

Stay alert and know what signs should raise alarm bells.

Keep your eyes peeled for tell tail signs such as:

  • rat footprints
  • teeth marks
  • small holes in the floor or wall
  • droppings
  • urine or hair

Moreover, pay extra attention to your pets behaviour. Pets often begin to act unusually when they smell rodents in the house. They will be extremely alert, bark, or paw/sniff at spaces beneath refrigerators, stoves, or furniture.

Listen out for scratching noises in your attic, ceiling or walls – rats are nocturnal so if you hear scratching or scrapping around the house in the night it could be a rat infestation.

A foul smell around the house can also be a clear sign of rats.

So if you see, hear or smell a rat, it’s time for combat – call in the cavalry and contact pest control professionals.

If you suspect you have a rat infestation, contact Avon Pest Control for conscientious, efficient, environmentally friendly service in ridding you of rodents.

What Avon Pest Control can do to Eliminate Your Rat Infestation

Avon Pest Control is a member of BPCAAvon Pest Control are a family run business of pest controllers operating across the Warwickshire county.

Avon Pest Control provide a clear, fixed price guarantee as well as speedy response times and top quality customer service.

Avon Pest Control are members of the British Pest Control Association (BCPA) and their pest control technicians are qualified to BPCA, Royal Society for the Protection of Health (RSPH) Certificate in Pest Control and National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC) Pesticide Application (PA1 and PA6).

Avon Pest Control are rodent control specialists so if you contact them for your pest problems you are in skilled, expert, effective hands.

We carry out the eradication of your rat infestation using an environmentally friendly, swift and successful process.

We always start by carrying out a thorough inspection, examining all affected areas in order to identify the size of the population and the extent of the damage done.

Next we place traps in the all active areas, while also laying down anticoagulant Rodenticides to exterminate all the rats.

Last but not least, we seal off all possible entry points, reinforcing problem areas and decontaminating as we go.

Thus, Avon Pest Control are committed to ensuring your peace of mind during a distressing time that the issue of infestation is dealt with efficiently, humanely and permanently.

How Avon Rat Pest Control Advice & Services ensure that the Rats do Not Return

Avon Pest Control are dedicated to ensuring your home or business remains rodent free.

Therefore, we also re-enforcement all of the previously affected areas after an extermination. More, we always carry out ongoing checks. We  ensure that you are supported during as well as after your rat infestation.

If you are being plagued by rats today, don’t delay till tomorrow to contact Avon Pest Control today for a rapid, affordable and environmentally conscious rat pest control service.For more information visit our Rat and Mice section here or click or logo above.


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