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Bespoke Pest Prevention Contracts for Food Preparation Businesses; a Recipe for Success

Do you need help with pest prevention in your business or maybe you are looking for information on pest prevention contracts? Under the Food Hygiene Laws in the UK, including the Food Standards Act 1999 and The Food Safety Regulations businesses that prepare or serve food have a responsibility to take appropriate and adequate precautions to prevent and control pests. This is to safeguard public health in relation to food at all stages in the food production and supply chain.

Pests tend to be attracted to areas containing the elements required for their survival, e.g., shelter, water, and of course, food. This makes establishments in food retail and catering industries particularly vulnerable to infestation. Pests, such as flies, cockroaches, mice and rats, are a serious issue for food safety as they contaminate food, and carry disease-causing pathogens, such as salmonella and E.coli. This can cause illness and food poisoning when contaminated food is consumed.

Site Inspections

Authorised officers from your local council will visit your business premises to ensure you are complying with the above laws. They are authorised to enter and inspect your premises at a reasonable time without making an appointment. Inspection frequency is dependent on the type of business you run and your previous record.

Site Inspections - Health Inspector Meeting With Chef In Restaurant Kitchen

Health inspector meeting with a Chef in restaurant kitchen.

Possible Consequences

If pests are discovered during a site inspection, either for a food hygiene and food standards inspection, advisory visit, sampling or after a complaint has been made, your premises could be closed under a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice, and you may be prosecuted. Closures are not only financially costly, but the cost to your business’s reputation may be irreversible. To help you prepare for the areas you will be inspected on, click here for a copy of The Food safety checklist.

Avon Pest Control deliver a high-quality service to various sectors, including food preparation businesses throughout Warwickshire and the Cotswolds. Because every business and every setting are different, there is no standard contract. Instead, Avon Pest Control tailor your contract to suit your individual needs. Our friendly, qualified technicians carry out a survey on all types of premises and make recommendations for a contract that meets the requirements of environmental health legislation. This can range from daily checks to quarterly visits, depending on individual conditions. We ensure we maintain auditing standards to help your business remain compliant with the latest legislation, and keep written records for compliance demonstration purposes, e.g., any action taken, chemicals used etc.

Your Responsibilities in Terms of Pest Prevention

Having a quality pest prevention contract not only safeguards your premises from the pests themselves, but also helps to provide you with the legal defence of, “due diligence”, if you are required to prove to authorities that you did everything in your control to prevent an infestation.

Whilst a robust pest prevention contract is a crucial part of your pest control management system, the responsibility ultimately rests with you. As the business owner, you will need to demonstrate good practices keeping premises clean, and in good condition.

To help maintain the safety of your staff, customers, and retain your good reputation, call Avon pest Control today on 01789 293 463 for further information or to request a site visit and pricing.

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