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Management of Feral Pigeons in Warwickshire

Having feral pigeons roosting on or around your home can be a major headache. In addition to their constant cooing noises driving you mad and having to deal with their droppings all over your car, home and property, pigeons are also well-known carriers of all sorts of diseases that are potentially harmful, sometimes even fatal to humans. However, if you have feral pigeons nesting anywhere on your Warwickshire property, you need to know that there are strict laws governing their removal and handling or treatment.

In the U.K., feral pigeon pest control is governed by the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 set out by the Department of Food, Environment and Rural Affairs. While this act is quite long and somewhat complicated, all you need to know is that it basically puts certain requirements on the way pigeons and other pests can be removed and/or killed.

So, to avoid any potential legal issues resulting from your removing the pigeons, it's always the best idea to hire a local pest control company instead of trying to do it yourself, as they will not only know the laws governing the removal, but also the best methods for eliminating them and keeping them from coming back.

Depending on where the pigeons are located and how many there are, the pest control company may either try to trap them or else attempt to kill them all using poison—of course while staying strictly in line with the legal requirements. Still, after removing them all, you probably want to make sure they don't come back.

One common method of pigeon deterrent is the use of spikes to prevent them from landing and nesting on the home, but it's usually also necessary to ensure the building is entirely sealed up from the outside to prevent them from finding other areas to nest.

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