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Cluster Fly Eradication in Warwickshire

Cluster flies are one of the more common types of pests in Warwickshire and the entire U.K.—especially in rural areas—and although they may look quite similar to their cousins the house fly, their tendency to congregate in huge numbers over the winter makes them a whole different type of problem altogether. If you're suffering from a cluster fly infestation, you may or may not be aware of it until they start emerging from hibernation in huge numbers in the spring. Still, if you have a large cluster fly infestation, you may actually be able to smell it, as they send out a sickly sweet smelling pheromone to attract other flies.

While cluster flies are completely harmless and don't care any diseases, this still doesn't make it any less disgusting when you suddenly have hundreds, potentially even thousands of them suddenly flocking to your home. They're mostly only a nuisance in late fall and early spring, as this is when they cluster together, but anyone who's had a cluster fly infestation can tell you how gross it is when they choose your home to congregate in.

The first step to eliminating the cluster flies from your home or business is to search out the place where they're gathering and then hire a Warwickshire pest control company to come exterminate them all with pesticides. It's always recommended to use a pest control company, as cluster flies are notorious for returning to roost in the same building year after year.

Even if you try to prevent them from getting into the home with the use of fly-proof screens, it still won't be of much use, as they are quite small and will always find a way to get in. Really, the only way to prevent them from coming back is to use a professional exterminator to kill all of them and cover up the pheromone, or else you'll keep dealing with them year after year.

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