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Dealing with an Ant Infestation in Warwickshire

Ants are just one of those problems that we all have to deal with from time to time, and are typically not much more than a little nuisance. However, if you have a full-blown ant infestation in your Warwickshire home, it can be much more than a nuisance and can cause serious problems - especially if you're unlucky enough to have a nest of stinging Red Wood Ants on your property.

There are thousands of different types of ants in the world, although only 50 or so of them can be found in England. Some of the most common types in the UK are Black Garden Ants, Yellow Meadow Ants, the aforementioned Red Wood Ants, and Black Stinging Ants (although these aren't common in Warwickshire as they tend to be located along the coasts.

One of the major problems with removing ants nests is in actually finding the nest itself, as each different species likes to make their nests in different areas. In addition, the type of ant will also determine how big of a problem you're dealing with, as some species may only have a few hundred members in their colony while others can have 100,000 or more.

Eliminating an ant infestation can actually be quite a long, complicated process, as it's necessary to kill the queen, or else she'll continue laying eggs and the infestation will continue. In addition, it's necessary to use quite harsh pesticides to kill the ants, all of which makes it recommended to hire a pest control company to remove the ants nest and ensure all of the little pests are killed.

While it is possible to do it yourself, it usually takes a professional with in-depth knowledge of ant species and behaviour to full determine the extent of the infestation and what methods are best for eliminating it.

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We understand that pest infestations are not envisaged or budgeted for, but where they occur we are on hand to provide a cost conscious solution. We can make suggestions for further prevention and rectification of ingress by pests and are happy to support you, the customer in this.

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