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Managing pigeons in Stratford Upon Avon

Pigeons are one type of pest we're all probably used to, as they are simply everywhere, not only in Stratford Upon Avon and the UK, but all around the globe. However, far from being a simple annoyance, they can carry diseases and having them nesting on or around your home means they'll also leave their droppings everywhere. This leads many people to look for methods to remove the pigeons from their home, but before you attempt anything you need to know that it is illegal for you to remove, injure, kill or interfere with them in any way.

This means your only option to stop the pigeons from nesting on your home is to use a professional pest control company, as only they can apply for the required licence necessary to remove them. If you attempt to do anything about the problem yourself, you are breaking the law and you risk being prosecuted.

So, if you're sick of dealing with pigeons nesting on your home, you need to contact a Stratford Upon Avon pest control company, who can then possibly try to trap the pigeons or maybe even use poisons. The method they can use depends on a number of different factors, but if the pigeons should happen to have eggs or babies, you'll have to wait.

After the initial pigeon problem has been taken care of, you should then take steps to prevent them from returning, which may include using spikes or netting to prevent them from landing on your home. You'll also want to seal up any areas to make sure they can't get into the attic or home in any way, but your pest control agent should be able to recommend the best methods for preventing them from nesting on your home again.

If you would like to speak to one of our team about managing pigeons, please contact us on 01789 293 463 or Click here to complete our online form.


We understand that pest infestations are not envisaged or budgeted for, but where they occur we are on hand to provide a cost conscious solution. We can make suggestions for further prevention and rectification of ingress by pests and are happy to support you, the customer in this.

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