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Dealing with mosquitoes in Stratford Upon Avon

Having a mosquito infestation around your Stratford Upon Avon home can be an incredibly annoying occurrence, as we all know that they love to bite humans and feast upon our blood.

In the UK, there are actually 33 different species of mosquitoes, only a few of which will actually bite humans, as most prefer birds or other animals. We all know how annoying and itchy mosquito bites can be, and having an infestation around your home means they'll likely try to get inside and often bite people during the night. However, far from being simply annoying, they can also carry diseases (although this isn't very common in the UK). When mosquitoes bite, it is actually the females as they use the blood to help them produce eggs, which they'll then lay in any source of standing water.

So the first step towards keeping them from infesting your Stratford Upon Avon property is to remove any water sources where the females can lay their eggs. Still, considering the rainy weather we have in England, this is easier said than done, which is why it's normally necessary to hire a pest control company to help rid your property of these flying nuisances.

The pest control company will typically spray around your property with pesticides to try to kill all of the adults, but as the eggs mature very quickly, it often takes multiple continued sprayings to keep your property free from them. This is especially true if you live near a water source, as there is nothing you can really do to stop them from breeding in these cases, which will likely result in your continuing to get bit throughout the summer if you donít hire a pest control company to take steps to eliminate them from your property. So, to keep you free from their itchy bites, you should schedule periodic sprayings throughout the spring, summer and autumn.

If you would like to speak to one of our team about removing mosquitoes, please contact us on 01789 293 463 or Click here to complete our online form.


We understand that pest infestations are not envisaged or budgeted for, but where they occur we are on hand to provide a cost conscious solution. We can make suggestions for further prevention and rectification of ingress by pests and are happy to support you, the customer in this.

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