When do British Pests come out to play?

When do British Pests come out to play?

This is a question that really has a very varied answer. No, we are not going to “Promise sunshine and then deliver rain”. Avon Pest Control will try to answer the question below.

The reason this is going to be a varied answer is that certain bugs are active all year round. This list includes pests such as cockroaches, ants, termites and many rodents.

These pests, however, tend to come out more when the weather is warmer – and congregate in warm, arid areas during the colder months.

From bed bugs and mosquitoes to silverfish, pests and insect breeds in England can truly come out at any time. British Pest Association Logo

However, some species are known to demonstrate more seasonal activities, and it’s important to contact us at Avon Pest Control about spraying your homes and businesses if you are experiencing any type of infestation.

We can truly help you keep your property pest-free during any season.

Avon Pest Control is a proud member of the  British Pest Control Association.

British Pest – Ants and Ant Mounds

British Pest Ant - Fire Ant Mount

We see them every year in the UK – ant mounds that grow like buildings in front yards, backyards and wherever grass is available. These ants are quick to build their homes using top soil, small pebbles, and especially grass and weeds. This is where and when ant colonies breed, as well as feed on smaller and larger prey. This is also where the ‘Queen’ ant resides and dictate her demands to her soldiers and other worker ants.

These mounds and biting ants usually come out during the late spring or early summer,  when the temperatures begin to rise across the UK.

For effective ant and mound pest control, we can easily pour pesticides and powders that attack the central nervous systems of these annoying pests.

This results in complete extermination of the ant colony, along with their Queen and her unborn off spring.

We can also offer the placement of aerial pesticides in ant mounds, which are also a great and effective way to prevent these British pests from infesting your home or business.

British Pest – Hornets and Wasps

hornet bitesHornets and wasps love to congregate and breed during those steaming, scorching UK summer months. This is the perfect time for them to build their hives or nests – usually made off water and mud. Hornets and wasps can also be active during the winter, spring and autumn but much less often. Temperature rules their lives and activity levels. So, don’t be surprised when they come out on unusually warm days during the fall season.

As you must know, wasps and hornets are attracted by bright, vibrant colours and lights at nigh and of course sweet nectar and flowers.

They can also attack in groups if they perceive you – or a domesticated pet – to be a threat to their home. So don’t approach their hives if you are not experienced with them.

If you need assistance from an expert do not hesitate to contact Avon Pest Control if you suspect a big or dangerous hive near your home or business

We can easily assist you with the safe removal of any wasp or hornet nests and hives. For more information on our wasp and hornet pest control services click here.

British Pest – Cockroaches

British pest cockroachCockroaches are truly a pest all year round. They can survive, feed and breed during all months of the year – making them one of the most annoying all-season pests.

As you know, these pests love to feed on left overs and food crumbs. They tend to congregate in cavities between the outer and inner walls of your home or business.  Sheetrock is another of their loved home building locations. Basements get much of their attention too. As is the case for  crawlspaces and attics in your typical British home.

While you could use generic sprays – they only offer temporary relief from these swarming pests.

Most often you will need professional cockroach and pest control services.

We have the tools, expertise and equipment to rid your home or business of all types and breeds of cockroaches.

We also offer assistance with the placement of sticky pads in strategic places, while blocking off all entrance and exit routes for these pests.

You can read more about our cockroach pest control services here.

British Pest – Mosquitoes

British Pest - Mosquito biting handMosquitoes usually start to buzz around in late spring or early summer months.

However, they can easily be found at most standing water deposits or pools, as well as ponds and streams and this all year round.

Mosquitoes must be eliminated to prevent biting and germs from being spread.

We handle all mosquito infestation with proven pesticides and strategies, helping you with the installation of zappers and aerial sprays.

This will prevent the spread many infectious diseases these dangerous British pests could be carrying.

Mosquitoes are most synonymous with summer months in the England – but can still appear at any time throughout the year.

If you are dealing with a mosquito infestation of any kind, do not hesitate to contact Avon Pest Control for help with the effective removal of these annoying British pests.

We  offer market leading pest removal and control services throughout Warwickshire.

For more information on all our pest control services visit our website here.

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