What do Masonry bees look like? How can I identify them and why are they pests?

The summer season is synonymous with insect infestation in many homes and businesses. In fact, countless owners will experience bee problems and bee nests in their trees and backyards. As we all know, bees do pollinate flowers and are a great source for honey production. Like wasps and hornets, however, bees possess deadly stingers and venom that can cause a range of health problems for humans and pests. If you spot bee hives or believe an infestation is occurring, simply contact Avon Pest Control. With years of extensive industry experience, we have the tools and expertise to safely remove bee hives and bees from all your residential and commercial properties. 

Masonry Bees

Like other insects, there are several species of bees. This includes South American bees, along with African bees, honey bees, and Masonry bees. Masonry bees are active from spring to later summer, and specialise in making compartments of mud within their hives. This is where they breed, take care of their young and gather food. Most Masonry bees live within the mud holes they create. However, they do have a tendency to swarm if they sense potential predators and danger nearby. You can easily spot masonry bees by the brown, beige, and sometimes blue colours on their backs and bodies. These bees also love to congregate in tree holes, as well as in wooden planks in and around the home. If you spot these bees, contact the experts at Avon to take care of them at once. Avon utilises the following to eliminate masonry, honey, and other bees from your home or office:
  • Expert hive and mud pack removal from homes, businesses, and trees located on your property.
  • Pesticides and sprays that eliminate bees within their dwelling holes – especially the queen and her offspring.
  • Pesticides sprayed on flowers and other vegetation to lure bees in. Once they pollinate and take the liquids back to their hive – the hive will die off. (These pesticides will not damage your flower beds or plants).
  • Complimentary quotes and assessment for all residential and commercial property owners experiencing bee infestation.

Masonry Bees are Pests

Masonry bees are no different than other pests and critters. In fact, they can ruin your trees, plants, and even home exteriors with hives and mud packs.
They also tend to be a bit aggressive around humans and domesticated pets. As a result, they need to be taken care of in a timely, effective, and lasting manner.
For more information on bee hive and bees removal, contact us today!

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