We Answer all Your Questions on Rat and Mice Pest Control in the Hospitality Industry

Rat and mice pest control for hotels and the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry continues to boom across Warwickshire and the rest of Britain. From traditional hotels or motels to the latest in B&B venues. The hospitality sector continues to expand and grow at an impressive rate. Whether for tourists, staff and visitors alike, it is important for you to keep your hospitality venues such as hotels, restaurants,  B&B and conferencing centers germ and pest-free at all times. At, Avon Pest Control, our services extend to the rat and mice pest control problems and responsibilities businesses face today in the hospitality industry. This includes timely inspections for local and national-chain hotels, along with cutting-edge and innovative rat and mice pest control services. We also provide services for pests such as rodents or even bed bugs.

Why Regular Pest Control is Mandatory

In a nutshell, rat and mice pest control is mandatory in the UK hospitality industry.

In fact, failure to maintain regular rat and mice pest control can lead to extensive fines and even property closures.

Similarly, if extensive rat and mice activities go untreated. You and your business can face lawsuits and legal consequences. To prevent these mishaps from occurring. You could contact us. Avon Pest Control is your local market leading pest control service provider. With years of extensive industry experience. We have all the tools and expertise you will ever need to safely inspect your hospitality venues and keep them germ and pest free. This will help you to plan and manage your protection from fines, closures or legal prosecutions resulting from any pest infestations.

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Benefits of Regular Rat and Mice Pest Control Services from Avon Pest Control:

  • Eliminate mice and rat droppings, nests, and critters before they make extensive enclaves in your hotel, motel or B&B.
  • Reduce the chances of fines being accrued due to rat and mice droppings or hair
  • Prevent any nuisances from rat and mice activities in hotel basements, rooms, walls, crawl-spaces, food preparation area and all kitchens.
  • Maintenance of proper hygiene standards at all times for all for your guests, visitors and in-house or remote staff members. No one wants to visit or work in a venue with rat or mice pest control problem.
  • Increase sales by strengthening your reputation as a germ and pest free business. Knowing all your hospitality venues are germ, rat, and mice free will gave extra peace of mind.
  • Better protection for the food you serve via all of your room services.
  • We also help keep all types of insects, rodents and birds away from your real estate, buildings and properties as a whole. No matter what season it might be.

This is How UK Hotels can Prevent Rat and Mice Pest Problem and Infestations

Health inspectors check many businesses across the UK on a daily and weekly basis. If you own a restaurant, diner or even a just a cafe. Is you business a hotel? You can deploy preventative rat and mice pest control measures to avoid hefty fines and penalties. Many hospitality business need assistance from Avon Pest Control in Warwickshire. We are professionals at tackling or addressing any rat and or mice pest control problem you might find yourself in.

Here are some things you should consider implementing in your hospitality business maintenance plan. So you too, can keep your hoteld or motels hygienic and clean at all times.

These things include but are not limited to:

  • Always stay abreast of what is going on in the food preparation areas and kitchen. Make sure your team closes and seals all food containers. These are notorious for attracting rats and mice – of all sizes – looking for food.
  • Make sure to remove all sources of food that can attract rats or mice. This includes training your staff to tightly fasten and secure garbage bags for later rubbish removal.
  • As always, remove all spillage, food crumbs or debris at once. This attracts rats and mice – which will build access and exit routes to and from the kitchen and food preparations and storage areas.
  • Always check for chewing or gnawing signs on furniture, cardboard boxes, food containers, plastic packaging material in food storage areas. These are all signs of rat or mice activities stemming from hidden nests within walls and areas or spaces that are out of sight. Also check all areas outside of common human traffic.
  • Make sure any and all areas of your hotel are pest proof at all times. Remember, even the smallest gap or opening in a wall can serve as an entrance and exit. This will incite more rat and mice looking to do the same. When they have access to plentiful food supplies they start to breed, procreate, and build ever bigger numbers and more nests.

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Rat and Mice Pest Control – Everyone’s Problem

When it comes to rat and mice pest control in the hospitality industry, it’s not as simple as just contacting a pest control company like Avon. In fact, addressing and managing pest control is everyone’s problem – no matter which industries, sectors or niches they serve. According to leading UK health inspectors, everyone must be on the same page when it comes to lasting and effective rodent control. This includes us at Avon – who always answers your questions and concerns with free estimates and consultations.

Hotel proprietors, managers and staff must also be a part of this solution. With a comprehensive, cohesive approach to eradicating rodents and pests, everyone is on the same page and committed to meeting the same goals. This includes clear and precise communications, along with the right paperwork that lists all the existing problems and solutions. At Avon, we have deep roots in the communities we serve. As a result, we are able to effectively communicate with local business owners to guarantee favourable outcomes for all involved.

With a joint approach that includes Avon, hotel owners and employees and staff, everyone will understand their roles and responsibilities in these situations. Therefore, we can get to work on ridding properties of pests, while your team can employ preventative measures – that we suggest – year round for pest control.

Mice pest control , technician spraying poisonWhy Avon Pest Control?

Avon Pest Control has years of extensive industry experience. We also continue to receive stellar industry ratings and client – customer reviews.

With this in mind, we are always here for your hospitality venue pest control needs.

In fact, we utilize the latest in pesticides, along with sticky bait pads and mouse-rat traps of all sizes. Our pest control specialists fully inspect your entire hotel (interiors, exteriors, walls, Sheetrock, food preparation areas, rooms, storage, cellar, lofts, basements, etc.) at a time that is most convenient for you. When engaging a pest control company like Avon, we ensure all parties are on the same page. This means everyone plays a vital role in eradicating rats and mice – even if its preventative maintenance like rubbish removal and closing open food containers.

As always, we give hotel owners detailed written reports on all vermin activities and findings. Similarly, we present timely reports during and post any rat and mice pest control services. This keeps you and your team in the loop, while we are able to address and tackle all vermin-related issues. At the same time, we will inspect for birds, bed bugs, mosquitoes, cockroaches and practically all types and species of insects during these typical inspections.

Here are some more Benefits of Hiring Avon Pest Control

  • We can take care of your hotel or motel’s rat and mice pest control needs or any other vermin or rodent you could face in Britain today.
  • We fully inspect any of your properties. While notifying everyone in the loop about rat, mice or insect infestations. This includes onsite managers, regional managers, head office teams, employees or staff, remote teams, or whomever you desire.
  • We create checklists that include possible risks associated with your hospitality venue. Our team then analyses and assesses the situation before going to work.
  • We block off entrance and exit paths used by mice and rats for food searches. Similarly, we spray areas with excessive rodent droppings and activities, while removing dead vermin and placing bait traps to prevent infestation again. We also decontaminate any areas which are affected such as your lofts or basements and cellars.
  • We explain each service in great detail, while offering cost-affordable monthly, quarterly, yearly or bi-yearly pest control plans for local hotels and businesses.

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The Avon Pest Control Guarantee

At, Avon Pest Control, we remain committed to excellence in helping to protect your businesses from any pests. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to schedule an appointment to discuss your rat or mice pest control maintenance plan with us. As always, we are here to answer your questions and provide detailed information on all our pest control services.

For more information on our rat and mice pest control services, simply contact us by phone on  01926 632 929 or visit our website here: http://www.avon-pestcontrol.co.uk/pestControl/

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