Tips and Tricks to Keep Bees, Wasps, Hornets Away from the Family Barbecue this Summer!

Keep Bees, Wasps and Hornets away from the family barbecueSummer is a great time to bring the family together for meals from time to time. You don’t want to keep them cooped up inside. The only problem is, the last time you had a barbecue outside everyone was on edge. Too many bees. wasps and hornets were pestering you guests, family and friends. Avon Pest Control has compiled a comprehensive list of tips of tricks in this article to keep all bees, wasp and hornets away from your summer barbecues this year. Bees can be a big problem in Warwickshire during the warm summer months.

If the bees can find a place to nest. If there is a nearby food source and if that place is near to your home. You can forget about eating outdoors. If they smell food they will make a beeline. Forgive the pun but for you all the fun will soon be over. So how can you keep bees, wasp and hornets away from your family and friends this summer?

Here are a few simple Tips and Tricks to keep Bees, Wasp and Hornets away!

  • Inspect your home every few weeks to make sure that no stinging insects have set up nest at a place near your home. They like to build their homes near the roof in corners so you should look there. They can also nest in hollows in trees. Check your trees and if they have bees you should get rid of them before your barbecue.
  • One thing that will attract bees to your home in summer is your garbage. The sugar and sauces in leftovers are perfect for them to feed on. Once they start feeding on your garbage it will be almost impossible to get rid of them. Simply more and more will come. You should make sure that you dispose of your trash properly at all times and all garbage cans should be properly covered and cleaned where required to discourage insects and rodents.Keep Bees, Wasps and Hornets away - Barbecue in nature, group of people preparing sausages on fire
  • Bees are also attracted to water. They can get thirsty just like people do. A few days before your barbecue you should avoid watering your lawn during the day. You can turn on the sprinklers late in the evening and let them run for a few minutes so that all moisture is gone by the morning.
  • It may hurt to get rid of the flowers near your preferred barbecue spot, but if you really want your family to enjoy meals outdoors this year. We recommend you do. Bees love pollen and you can be sure that they will be close by. Alternatively, move your barbecue to a section of the lawn that doesn’t have any flowers.
  • There are some common items that can help you keep bees away. A pot of Marigolds will make sure that your time outdoors is not disturbed by bees. Mothballs also work well. Stuff a few into old stockings and hang them near the barbecue area. As soon as bees get a whiff they will leave. You can also use cloves or mint leaves as they have the same effect. These home remedies come preferred because they don’t kill bees but only keep bees, hornets and wasps away.
  • Make sure that food is covered at all times. Invest in warmers that have lids to keep off not just bees but other insects as well. It also helps to keep food sanitary and hygienic. No dust in your bites.
  • Lastly, let everyone who is coming know that they shouldn’t wear bright colours or strong perfumes. Bees, wasps and hornets like both and before you know it a great number of them can decide to come and pay your home a visit which is the last thing you wont to happen.

What if You are Unable to keep Bees, Wasps and Hornets Away?Keep Bees Wasps Hornets away

If there is a nest, or several, near you home you will be dealing with more than a few bees. They will swarm and they can cause serious injuries especially for anyone who has a bee sting allergy. The best way to get rid of swarms is to call in the professionals. We can assist you with the removal of bees, wasps and hornets from your home or business. Avon Pest Control has all the skills , smf the the equipment to keep bees, wasps and hornets away from your home.

You shouldn’t just hire any exterminator. Make sure that they have the right equipment and expertise with the use of bee friendly removal methods. Ideally the exterminator knows how they can be relocated rather than killed. Bees are becoming more and more endangered and they are an important part of our ecosystem. Without them there wouldn’t be many fruits and vegetables to eat.

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