Preventive Stinging Insect Pest Control Tips

Avon Pest Control is your source for the best in stinging insect pest control services. With years of extensive industry experience, we continue to service Warwickshire homes and businesses with true value and pride. From hornets and wasps to bees,… Continue Reading

Stop wasps from choosing your home as nesting site.

  Wasps are notorious for building nesting sites throughout our cherished Warwickshire County. While some wasps build dwellings in trees, most of them prefer residential or commercial establishments. In fact, homes with high exterior entrances are particularly susceptible to wasp… Continue Reading

Bees and wasps are commonplace at this time of year but how do you remove problem nests?

Summer is always synonymous with bee problems and hive infestation. The scorching months also see wasp problems in most residential and commercial establishments. While wasps and hornets tend to build small enclaves via mud and water – bees usually form… Continue Reading