Preventive Stinging Insect Pest Control Tips

Avon Pest Control is your source for the best in stinging insect pest control services. With years of extensive industry experience, we continue to service Warwickshire homes and businesses with true value and pride. From hornets and wasps to bees,… Continue Reading

Bees and wasps are commonplace at this time of year but how do you remove problem nests?

Summer is always synonymous with bee problems and hive infestation. The scorching months also see wasp problems in most residential and commercial establishments. While wasps and hornets tend to build small enclaves via mud and water – bees usually form… Continue Reading

What do Masonry bees look like? How can I identify them and why are they pests?

The summer season is synonymous with insect infestation in many homes and businesses. In fact, countless owners will experience bee problems and bee nests in their trees and backyards. As we all know, bees do pollinate flowers and are a… Continue Reading

What do Honey Bees look like? How can I identify them and why are they pests?

Honey bees specialise in pollinating flowers and creating honey. While they are useful insects, honey bees do sting when they sense danger and potential predators. Honey bees also look like bumblebees; however, they have more slender and wasp-like bodies. Their… Continue Reading