The Secret to Getting Rid of Black Ants this Summer

The summer months are fast approaching and if you are a Warwickshire resident you know what else comes with summer – all kinds of ants.

Ants are fine if you notice just one or two but the problem is that when they come visiting your home in the hot summer months they often come in huge numbers.  They will seek to get into your home because it is too hot for them outside – they are looking for somewhere cool to be just like we do when it gets hot. In addition to that, there are more ants than usual during our British summers mainly because the high temperatures allow them to multiply faster. Black ant pest control often becomes a necessity for us. Ant nests in or near your home are definitely going to be a problem.

Secrets to getting rid of ants:

  1. Remove sources of water in and around your home. Look for any areas where standing water builds up, as all ants require water to live and thrive.
  2. Remove or block access to all food sources! Ants will be searching for food, so clear away left overs, pick up food in and around your home as quickly as possible. Don’t leave food out on your worktops or outside for too long, and clean your kitchen and other eating areas regularly to remove any food crumbs.
  3. Trim  all adjacent trees, shrubbery and plants around your home. One of ways that ants will get inside your home is through direct access from these adjacent plants. That means if a tree touches your home, you could be exposed to a big problem later. Just try to keep them trimmed away at all times.
  4. Use vinegar – Create a solution of 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water. Use this solution anywhere you’ve spotted ants. They utilise pheromones to find their way to and from food and water sources, and this solution will disrupt their communications and pheromone trails, making it much harder for them to stay organised.
  5. Kill ants on contact with this DIY solution. Add 1 tablespoon of washing up liquid to a spray bottle full of water and use this solution by spraying it on ants to eliminate them on contact. This works best if you find a line of ants or an anthill, and can also help disrupt their pheromone trails, meaning it will be tougher for any survivors to return home.
  6. Seal gaps and holes in your home. How do you think ants gain access to your home? Typically through small openings such as gaps in baseboards, flooring or roofing, vents and near plumbing. Inspect your home for any of these openings, no matter how small, and seal them all up!
  7. Draw chalk barriers around entry points. This may sound silly, but ants will see these lines as true barriers and will often choose not to cross them. “Trap” them in a small area to make it easier to eliminate them all at once.

If you leave it all to chance, chances are that you might become a victim. For one, there are some ants that are famous for destroying property – they will chew through wood in just a few weeks and leave you with lots of damage to repair.

In addition to that ants will target food in your kitchen and pantry and render it inedible. Even worse, there are ants that attack humans and pets and you may find your family or pets at risk. That is why it is important to deal with black ant colonies and related problems as soon as you notice them.Black ant pest control - prevention is better

How will I know if I have an Ants problem or nest?

You will know that you have an ant infestation when you notice more than a few of them around. They usually stay together in clusters and move on the ground in long lines, usually to and from their nest in the ground.

You may also notice wood damage on your property or see ants where you tend to store food.

So what is the best way of dealing with black Ant nests?

You may have seen that there are many commercial options available in your local supermarket – they are usually in powder or spray form but the problem with these is that although they may work when you have a few ants they will not work when you have an ant infestation.

To kill or remove an ant infestations you have to get to the nest first and kill the queen.

The best way to get rid of ant nests is to call in a professional Warwickshire pest exterminators like us,  Avon Pest Control.

We have the necessary experience, staff, equipment and chemicals to get rid of ants and their nest or queen completely from your home.

All the chemicals that we use are safe for humans and pets and they work extremely fast and are very efficient.

You can find out more our ant pest control services on our website here,

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