Should You Call an Exterminator When Faced With a Mice Pest Problem?

Rat and mice pest problem - When to call the exterminator in!

Rats and mice pest problem are very common in Britain. Whether you live in a big city or out in the countryside the threat is never far away. These rodents are always looking for food and warm places to live and they can move into your home or business at any time. The BBC website currently has a TV programme or series on animals which thrive in our cities. It is called: ‘Cities: Nature’s New Wild‘. Rat and mice are discussed and used as an example to demonstrate how well certain animal species have adapted their life styles to living in our cities. It should therefore not come as a surprise that we ourselves often are confronted with rat and mice pest problems.

We all tend to react similar when we see a mouse or a rat in our home our business. Our immediate reaction tend to result in a DIY job where we try to get rid of the pests somehow. Some of us will use rat or mice traps, others will use poison while there are some who will try to catch the mouse or rat to release it later far away from their home or business. While all these methods work, they have drawbacks that should be taken seriously.

We will answer in this news article why we believe it is often safer to call in a rat or mice exterminator when you detected the presence of rats or mice in your home or business.

Rat or Mice Traps

If you choose to handle your rat or mice problem with pest control which involves traps they may soon overrun your entire home or business. There are only so many mice or rats that you can catch using traps and while you are busy capturing one or two each time you do the round of your traps. The rest of the family of rodents which has chosen your home are giving birth and multiplying at a very rapid rate. In most cases this end up becoming a full blown infestation in your home. Traps are recommended when you are sure that you don’t have a problem. If a lone mouse or rat strays into your home you can catch it using a trap but if you have a serious problem traps will not be effective at solving the problem.


Poisons used to be a good choice or strategy to get rid of rats and mice in the past, but these poisons are not so effective any more. According to scientists, many of the poisons that are sold over the counter for killing mice and rats don’t work anymore because many rodents have developed resistant mutations which are immune to these poisons. While you may be able to kill a few you will not be able to eliminate a whole nest. A good example of this are Norwegian anticoagulant resistant rats we reported on in a previous news article which you can find here.

The other problem with using poisons is that when rats and mice consume it they often go off and die in hard-to-reach corners or places. When they start to decompose your home will start to smell terribly unpleasant. Most professional rat or mice exterminators will offer a so called rat or mice decontamination service which solves this problem for you. Most people would not be able to achieve this without the assistance from a professional rat or mice exterminators.


If you are of the catch-and-release school of thought you better hope that you don’t have an infestation because if you do, catching them and releasing them will not alleviate the problem. You may be able to get rid of a few of them this way but remember the others are busy multiplying.

This is How a Rat or Mice Exterminator Prevents You having to go Running Screaming for a Phone.

If you want effective rat or mice pest control the best thing you can do is call a rat or mice exterminator at the earliest point in time where you detected rats or mice in your home.

Here are some of the Top Reason & Benefits you Gain

  • One of the biggest benefits of calling in a rat or mice exterminator is that they will find the source of the problem. You may work very hard to get rid of mice in your home but if you cannot find their nest or where they are coming in through you will not be doing much to reduce their numbers.
  • When you use a professional rat or mice exterminator they will locate and block all the areas where mice or rats are coming in through which means that you are unlikely to have a problem in the future. On your part, make sure that you maintain a clean home. Make sure that all food is kept away in sealed containers and that everything in your larder is properly secured.
  • A professional rat or mice exterminator can save you a lot of money in the long run. Sometimes homes get so infested with mice or rats that the owners have to move out for a full extermination to be done. This can cost tens of thousands of pounds, not to mention that you have to relocate your family while the extermination is going on. Also take into account the damage your property suffers due to the continued presence of rats and or mice mentioned lower.
  • A professional rat or mice exterminator can save you from losses that are caused by rats and or mice. When rats or mice numbers increase in your home they will start to compete for food and that is when they will attack and damage wood, clothing, furniture and books. A timely call to a rat or mice  exterminator will ensure that this doesn’t happen.
  • An exterminator will also help you save on medical costs. Mice and rats cause diseases in humans and sometimes they can be fatal. You should be particularly careful about these rodents if you have small children or elderly people in the home. Their respective immune systems are fine tuned or weakened. For elderly a minor illness can become quite serious. An exterminator will get rid of rodents and ensure that your home is safe for all.

How do I find the Best Rat or Mice Exterminator?

Exterminators may  seem superabundant to you, so finding the best one may not be as easy as you think. You can start by looking around in your local area – are there any who have been around for a long time? The longer an exterminator is around, the more likely he is to do a good job as he wants to be able to make your local area residents happy. You should find out what methods the exterminator uses and whether they are effective. Ask him to give you a few references before you decide to contract them.

You should also find out whether they are discreet and prompt – you don’t want your neighbors to know that you have a rat or mice problem or infestation.

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