Your Rental Pest Control Responsibility Explained!

Rental Pest Control Responsibility - Tenancy or Rental Agreement

Rental Pest Control Responsibility – Tenancy or Rental Agreement

As a tenant you may wonder what your duties are when it comes to your rental pest control responsibility. Your landlord is in charge of making sure that the property is habitable at all times. This is not always the case. Your rental pest control responsibility is something that you should take very seriously.

Most pest problem start off as a few roaches, bees or even mice or rodents. If these problems are not taken care off they can become pest infestations. These type of pest problems could  render a home or apartment inhabitable. Furthermore, pests can cause injuries to human beings. When this happens the lines of liability and your rental pest control responsibility need to be clear.

What is your Landlord’s rental Pest Control Responsibility?

Your landlord should do everything he can to make sure that the rental property is free of pests. The landlord also needs to ensure that it is not easy for the pests to get in or set up house. It is not enough for the landlord to remove i.e. rats. The landlord also needs to make sure that they are removed from the source. This ensures they can no longer come back. The Prevention of Damage by Pests Laws ensures that any landlord which doesn’t take his rental pest control responsibility serious. The landlord will be served with a notice. If he fails this responsibility. The landlord’s rental pest control responsibility extends to all adjoining properties. When your neighbours have done all they can to keep away pests. When your landlord ignores pest problems. And when they become an infestation they can report him to the local authorities.

Cats can alleviate your rental pest control responsibility

Every landlord is also required to sign a contract with a pest control exterminator or company that comes in from time to time to check the rental property for infestation and get rid of any pests found. It is your responsibility to give them access to all areas of your home where there may be nests including your basement and your attic.

Local Council Involvement

If your landlord fails in his responsibility and an infestation develops. Your local Council will be notified at which time the landlord will be served with a notice. If this doesn’t work. The local council will do the extermination. However, the landlord will be responsible for all resulting costs. The landlord is also responsible for all damage to the property that has been caused by the infestation or pest problems.

All local authorities in Britain allow you to report any pest problems here;

What are Your Rental Pest Control Responsibilities?

There are some cases where tenants are responsible for pest control.

If you fail to report a pest problem to your landlord. You will eventually find yourself footing the bill for the pest extermination and that is not where your responsibilities end in this typical case. If, for example, you don’t tell your landlord about bees in your property. If the nest develops into colony. Eventually someone might get hurt by the bees. This might lead to you footing a hospital bill.

Tenants are also responsible if it can be proved that it is their lifestyle and habits that have led to the development of pests. If your landlord takes the proper precautions by sending in an exterminator every few months but your slovenly habits lead to i.e rats, you will be held responsible and the cost of extermination will fall on you.

All this may seem rather straight forward. It is important to look into where responsibility falls for your particular tenancy agreement and what it entails for you.

Some landlords are very specific about tenants being in charge of pest control. While you may be protected by pest control laws, you may end up in unnecessary legal prosecutions or legal battles.

Inspect Before You Rent!

We recommend that you inspect all rentals before you decide to move in. Make sure to shoot ample pictures to establish a reference point in time, which can be used as proof if any discussions or legal battles ensui. After you become a tenant the landlord may try to blame you for any past or current pest problems experienced by the occupiers of the rental property.

Disrepair can also lead to pests, so avoid moving into badly managed and maintained rental properties. This often results in excellent breeding ground for all kinds of pests. Ultimately it can damage the rental property and lead to health problems.

Lastly, if you have complained several times about pests in your home and the landlord hasn’t take the necessary steps you should approach your local council. They will pay for the extermination and it will be up to them to follow up with the landlord for reimbursement.

If you are a landlord you should use a company like Avon Pest Control. They will come in at an agreed and scheduled time and exterminate all pests problems you might be experiencing.

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