Rat Pest Control – Britain’s Rat or Rodent Population Increased By 10% Since Last Year!

Rat pest control - We created the problem we are trying to solve.

According to the British Pest Control Association the number of rats in Britain increased by 10% last year. Rat Pest control is now something we can no longer ignore. The numbers are not set to reduce for two reasons.Rat pest control - We are a BPCA member.

The first is the weather. We are seeing warmer and warmer summers each year. This means rats get to breed more or longer. Warm weather typically means more food. More food means that rats are more fertile and their young have more to feed on.

The other reason why Britain is seeing such a huge increase in the rat population is a rather interesting one. The methods we have used in the past to control them have led to more of them.

The most common and most effective way to get rids of rats is to use rat poison. Unfortunately over time they have become immune to such poisons. That is why big cities like London have so many rats. It is not because residents don’t try and kill them, but rather that whatever they try doesn’t work.

Scientists are now looking into a new way to control rat populations and if it works it is expected that rat numbers will drop in the coming years.

Rat pest control - Sceintist at work

They are using a process called gene drive to see whether they can control rat numbers.

It relies on the revolutionary CRISPR method of gene manipulation. Scientists will alter the genome or chromosomes to stop them breeding and over time the rat population will deplete itself. While this is a humane and effective method of controlling all sorts of pests and rodents there are some concerns.

Genetically mutated rats could escape into the natural populations and eventually cause ecological imbalances. For the time being, however, CRISPR remains the most effective way to reduce the numbers of rats in Britain.

What does all this mean for you?

It will be a while before the CRISPR technology is put to work. You should still be concerned about the increasing numbers of rodents. Even in places where rats have not been a problem in the past. You can expect to start finding them. Their numbers are still increasing while they are seeking easy sources of nourishment. This means that you ought to be extra careful about rodents in your home. It is time to take measures to ensure that they have no way of coming into your property.

The first thing you ought to do is familiarize yourself with signs of rat infestation in the home.

Keep looking for the signs you have rat pest control problem.

One of the most common or obvious signs of a rat infestation is the fact you are finding droppings of rats in your kitchen. More, you could find them in other areas where there are things that they can eat. Normally you will find these droppings in the morning.

You may also hear them in your ceiling or your attic at night. If you become aware of strange noises you should check to make sure that there isn’t a rat’s nest somewhere in your home.

Often when it is too late. You start to see them, especially when their numbers grow.

Rats need moisture, so if there are areas in your home where water sources can be found. Often these water sources will increase the chances of an infestation. Make sure that your basement is dry at all times of the year.

Beware, rats multiply very fast because they have short gestation periods. So as soon as you notice a problem you should do something about it. This includes making sure that there are no openings where they can gain entrance through. Also make sure that all food is safely stored away at all times and keep your home clean and tidy.

What do you do if the rats have already infested your home?

As mentioned, rats have become immune to poisons so buying some at your local shop may not do the trick.

The best thing to do is call in a rat pest control company.

They use methods and  chemicals that are guaranteed to work and they will also check every area of your home to make sure that it is sealed against rodents.

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