Preventive Stinging Insect Pest Control Tips

infographic what to do if a bee bites?

Avon Pest Control is your source for the best in stinging insect pest control services. With years of extensive industry experience, we continue to service Warwickshire homes and businesses with true value and pride.

From hornets and wasps to bees, nothing can be more painful than getting stung by these dangerous insects.

However, most insects do not sting humans or pets – unless they feel threatened or scared.

With this in mind, there are preventive stinging tips available for all Warwickshire home and business owners.

While we will list essential techniques and tips, we recommend anyone that gets stung to go to a local emergency or urgent care center right away.


wasp in plantPrevent Stinging Insects – Bees

Honeybees are crucial to flower pollination and honey production.

Sadly, millions of bees are dying across the UK and world -due to commercialisation of land where their hives are present.

With this in mind, Avon Pest Control has the tools and expertise to safely remove all bee hives and nests.

We also check your home attics, basements and crawlspaces to safely remove bee colonies as well.

This helps protect them from unnecessary extermination, while protecting you and yours from receiving potentially lethal bee stings.

Remember, the following can happen if you are stung by even a single bee:

  • Facial swelling
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dizziness and confusion
  • Swelling in the affected areas

The last thing we want is any of our customers to get stung by bees, hornets or wasps. With this in mind, it is imperative to contact us so we can remove these hives, mudpacks, and colonies from your home or business.


Prevent Stinging Insects – Wasps and Hornets

Wasps and hornets are known to possess dangerous stings that can be lethal.

Avon Pest Control utilises the safest methods in eliminating wasp and hornet nests – inside and outside your properties.

We also use cutting-edge pesticides and aerial sprays that eliminate these harmful insects – and their young – onsite.

However, here are a few essential tips to prevent stings from wasps and hornets alike:

  • If you spot wasp and hornet nests or mudpacks, DO NOT use commercial sprays to eliminate them. This can result in hornets and wasps swarming you and yours – due to the threats.
  • Always contact Avon Pest Control to remove wasp and hornet nests in a timely, professional and effective manner.
  • Try not to wear brightly colored clothing if you spot these nests – hornets and wasps are attracted to bright colors, especially red and may try to attack you and yours.

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