Our Top 10 Rat Control and Prevention Tips for Warwickshire

Rat Pest Control Advice and Tips from Avon Pest Control in Warwickshire.

Many homeowners do not see rats as a real threat and don’t do anything to prevent possible rat pest control problems. When they see one or two around. They assume that once they are done foraging. They will go back to where they came from. This is a big mistake. If you see a rat in your home. There is a good chance that they are nesting somewhere inside. More, they are not going anywhere any time soon. The longer you ignore them, the bigger their numbers become and the harder it will be to get rid of them.

Top 10 Rat Control and Prevention Tips

Below are Avon Pest Control‘s current tips for rat pest control in Warwickshire:

  • Know what to look out for. There are many signs that you have rats in your home but some are more obvious than others. Rat droppings in your kitchen are a common indication that you have a problem. Many homeowners report you can also hear them in the ceiling and other tight spaces. Often homeowners witness that furniture and other items have been chewed through.
  • You can set up traps for rats, but keep in mind that these only work when you don’t have a large population of rats in your home. If there is a nest you may get a few of them but it will certainly not capture all of them, and you should be concerned especially about the young ones that have been left behind in nests.
  • Get rid of all the points of entry into your home or close them off. Everywhere you think the rats get in through. Some are rather obvious. Like your doors and windows, but rats come in through hidden spaces too. You can get a handyman to come in and look for small holes and seal them all for you.
  • Keep your attic clean. If you ask homeowners who suffer a rat infestation. They will often tell you that they wished they had taken better care of their attic. Your attic is a great place for rats to hide out, because of all the stuff that we tend to keep in there. It provides the rats and mice with warmth and food. Keep it clean if you want to reduce the risk of rats.
  • Use environmentally friendly rat removal devices. Many are available in the market today. They emit sonic or electromagnetic waves that are unbearable to rats. This forces the rats out or in will make them opt to leave. While these may work, many of them are unreliable and they start to fail after a short time.

Rat Pest Control Tips and Prevention

More Rat Pest Control Tips from Avon Pest Control

  • Keep a clean and tidy pantry. Rats will not have anything to eat, and they will seek greener pastures. Make sure that all dry foods is kept in air tight containers. Cheeses should be stored away properly too.
  • Keep a clean yard. Rats are more likely to come into our homes if our yards are unkempt. Mow your lawn in time and remove all garbage. You can also set up a few traps in your yard to stop any rats before they get into your home.
  • There are many homemade remedies that are recommended for rats. Some work and some don’t. It is really up to you to try them. Then decide which one seems to be the most effective in your particular case.
  • Poison is a good way to get rid of rats, but it presents challenges. The first is that if rats crawl off and die in far off corners. Your home can really stink and you will have a hard time finding and getting rid of dead rats. Another problem is that poison can also affect pets and small children. If you choose poison make sure that you know what you are doing.
  • Hire a pest exterminator or rat pest control company from Warwickshire. Companies like Us, Avon Pest Control, can do all the hard work for you. They can do the extermination and loft and home decontamination for you. We are experts at rat removal and we always make sure that the rats don’t come back. The best companies use chemicals and methods that are environmentally friendly so you don’t have to worry about accidental poisoning other animals or your family and friends or your flora and fauna.

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