How to Remove Horseflies from your Home or Business?


Horseflies are a nuisance because they always succeed in disturbing our peace.

We, at Avon Pest Control offer professional removal services for all types of fly infestations.

But we wanted to share some common prevention tips with you here.

Horseflies are usually large flies and can be as big as 2.5 cm.

They are darkly coloured and they love hanging around cattle, horse stables, and standing water this includes pools, ponds and slow-moving rivers and streams. They are attracted to mammals and the females can bite you because they need blood to create eggs.

When they bite you, you are likely to exhibit various symptoms such as wheezing, tongue and throat swelling, dizziness or weakness, diarrhea or vomiting and nausea, swelling and redness in areas near the lips and eyes, swelling of the feet, lips, hands and the face as well as difficulty in breathing or swallowing. This is why it is important to get rid of them and continue enjoying living in your space peacefully.

Here are ways in which you can eliminate these annoying flies;

Sticky fly paper; hang fly paper around the area where there are a lot of flies in your home or business premise. These papers will attract as well as trap flies and other flying insects. Replace them when they become overloaded.

Light traps; light traps are another efficient method of eliminating these annoying insects. The light that they produce was designed for attracting different types of flying insects. When they come into contact with these lights, they are zapped and in most of the cases instantly killed. These traps are powered by electricity, hence, they should be placed away from water.

Pesticides; spray the affected areas with pesticides whose main component is Pyrethroids. Those pesticides are made using a natural substance (Chrysanthemum) and they can be used around pets or children.  You can also use other pesticides such as Organochlorine and Organophosphate-based pesticides to see to it that the horseflies do not develop a resistance towards a certain type of pesticide.

Bag trap; this is a trap that is made using two things: a funnel that allows flies to enter and a bag carrying fly foods that attracts them. Apparently, they are one of the best ways to eliminate horseflies. The beauty of using this trap is that horseflies cannot resist the temptation. However, the smell of the trapped flies and the fly food is strong and unpleasant. Ensure that you place it as far away from people’s noses as possible.

How to prevent horseflies from invading your home or business and annoying you to death
  • Ensure that your home or business is clean and free of trash and food; food and trash draw in horseflies
  • Keep the pool covered when not in use; cover it especially between June and August when they are most energetic
  • Burn citronella lamps and candles around your business or home; most flying insects are repelled by citrus.
  • Ensure that you weed and mow the lawn regularly; they act as habitats during summer.

If that fails call in the professional help from a pest control expert.

We, Avon Pest Control is glad to help anywhere with any horsefly or insect related  pest control problems you might be experiencing.

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