Noises in the Attic? Have Grey Squirrels moved into Your Loft Space?

Are scuttling sounds waking you up? Have you heard scratching noises overhead? If you hear such sounds coming from your loft at this time of year, at around four to five hours before sunrise, it is likely that you have… Continue Reading

COVID-19 Service Announcement

Under the current government guidelines, we are operating with strict PPE controls on emergency and essential work only. Here at Avon Pest Control we have always been dedicated to the health and safety of our customers and understand that pests… Continue Reading

Which Common Pest can Trigger Allergic Reactions?

Spring is around the corner and many homes and businesses in Warwickshire are doing seasonal cleaning. However, the spring season also sees many pest triggered allergic reactions across the city and wider country. Bug-related allergies affect people of all ages… Continue Reading