Affected by Norwegian Anticoagulant Resistant Rats?? We Can Decontaminate Your Premises

Norwegian rat pest control - Anticoagulant Resistant Rats how to cull?

Norwegian anticoagulant resistant rats have become very common in the UK. You might be wondering what the best Norwegian rat pest control methods are. Many places in the Britain report a sharp rise in the numbers of Norwegian rats. They have been found abundantly in areas such as Norfolk, Nottinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Lincolnshire, Hampshire, Berkshire, Scotland, the Anglo-Welsh border and many more locations in Britain.

What this means is that it is only a matter of time before this particular type of rat makes its way into your home.

Why worry about Norwegian rats?

Norwegian anticoagulant resistant rats are the most poison resistant species of rats found in the UK today. All typical rat poisons you buy over the counter are no longer effective against them. So when they invade your home, you tried some poison to get rid of them. But these commonly sold rat poisons will not work or yield the result you need. You will only find yourself with an exponentially growing rat infestation or population. This is why it is important to call in an experienced Norwegian rat pest control expert or even a decontamination expert.

Rat decontamination experts, or pest exterminators, are professionals equipped to deal with all kinds of rats. This includes Norwegian anticoagulant resistant rats. They have experience  identifying rats by species. Using this information they are able to come up with the most effective methods of extermination.

Avon Pest Control is your local Norwegian rat pest control expert registered with the BPCA

At Avon Pest Control, we are familiar with all the different kinds of rats that are commonly found in the UK.

Avon Pest Control uses only effective treatments to get rid of any species of rats you found at home. We can also help to decontaminate your building ones they all have been killed.

We have found that Norwegian anticoagulant resistant rats. Although hard to get rid of using ordinary methods. Can still effectively be exterminated when we use our special poison mixtures and equipment.

Our action plan when dealing with Norwegian rats

Our first step, when you call us into your home, is to find the nests that the rats have set up. We also identify all the openings and spaces that they use to gain access to your home.

We will then identify the particular species you are dealing with. Then our operators will come up with a poison mixture that is effective.

All our poisons are fast acting, so by the time we leave all rats will be dead. We can assist with a full decontamination of all affected rooms in your home or business. We dispose of all rats in a safe manner.

Norwegian Rat Pest Control - Avon Pest Control Action Plan

Another important part of our Norwegian rat pest control method is to block all entrance routes that the rats may use. We will point them out to you and then close them. This ensures that the rats cannot come in any more.

We always leave a few traps behind which have been set up in strategic locations in your home. You can catch the last stray rats in this manner. We will show you the locations of all these traps. You can then inspect them on a regular basis. When you catch one in a trap. Just wrap it up in a bag and dispose of it safely in your garbage.

How fast will rats multiply once they are in the home?

Many people have absolutely no idea how long it takes to go from one rat to an infestation. They assume that it takes a while before rats can multiply. So they are not worried when they spot one or two.

Here is how the average Norwegian anticoagulant resistant rat behaves:

It produces between 5 and 10 babies in each litter, and it can have between 3 and 6 litters in a year.  When food is plentyfull these numbers can go up. The newborn rats only need 10 weeks to reach sexual maturity. After which they start having litters of their own.

Now imagine that 2 or 3 rats get into your home. In a matter of weeks they can have multiplied to more than 20 rats, each capable of reproduction. In just 10 weeks these 20 can easily multiply to 60 or more.

Norwegian Rat Pest Control

Can you afford to take any chances?

It is very important to take action the moment you see a rat in your home or even suspect that they are there.

You may hear them scurrying around at night. You may see their droppings. Often you may notice that they have eaten through leftover food, wood and furniture. Keeping a cat is a good idea, but remember a cat can only do so much.

The best thing to do is get in touch with us through our website when you suspect Norwegian rats made it into your home.

You can find out more about our rat pest control services on our website here:

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