A Top 10 of Pest Prevention Advice for Fall 2018

Pest Prevention Advice
In this article Avon Pest Control offers some useful pest prevention advice. Pests and rodents react on the changing weather and seasons as humans tend to do. When it is hot they like to live in cooler places. But as soon as it gets colder outside they prefer to snuggle up in places where they can enjoy more warmth. As the fall months are around the corner it is important to make sure that your home is pest and rodent proof.

This news article will give you basic pest prevention advice.

We also explain what you can do in case you need professional pest control help.

Avon Pest Control’s Top 10 of Basic Pest Prevention Advice and Tips

  1. Seal all openings to the inside so pest cant get in easy. This include your chimney, vents, windows and doors. Pests will else use these as entrances into your home. As soon as the weather begins to turn towards more colder temperatures.
  2. Seal all cracks and crevices in your property even when they do not lead into your home. Else they provide nice hiding and breeding  places for all kinds of pest this fall. Invite a professional to come around. He can do all the necessary repairs if you need help.
  3. All pests and rodents like and need moisture. Areas in your home with high degrees of moisture will attract more pests. The biggest culprit is often your basement. Try to keep it dry at all times. All year round and not just during the fall. If you live in an old property this is even more important. Fix all leaks in your HVAC system and boiler. They are the most common cause of moisture build up in your home.
  4. Did you have a lot of parties and guests over during the summer? Did you do a lot of cooking? Your kitchen might not be as spotless as it should be. Clean your kitchen thoroughly. Schedule a spring and fall clean. You can then rest assured that you got rid of all food and dirt. Else it may attract pests and rodents. Store all food away properly Use mostly sealed containers. Clean any scraps left on the floor.Pest Prevention Advice
  5. Regularly dispose of your garbage. Use only airtight bins and line them all with disposable bags. This will help you keep away rodents and pests that may come around to forage. It discourages even the more bigger animals. These animals can run out of food when living in the wild when the colder season or weather are felt.
  6. Don’t be tempted to store firewood close to your home,¬† so you don’t need to endure cold gusts of wind when fetching wood for your open fire. Try to remember they are perfect hiding place for rodents and pests. Keep all wood at least 20 feet away from your home. Regularly check it for nests from pest who moved in..
  7. Check if any items stored in your attic or basement attract pests. Check all boxes and remove anything that could feed them. Verify old items you store such as old bedding. Seal alll those boxes and goods to make sure rodents cant get into to set up a new nesting place.
  8. Don’t leave your pet’s feeding dish or food out in the open. As soon as she is done eating clean it the eating area and store the bowl away.
  9. Fix and check your drainage system for leaks.
  10. Keep looking for signs that pest might be present in your home. Take action as soon as you do or seek pest prevention advice from a local pest control company servicing your area. If you do not take appropriate action your home becomes a safe heaven for many pests or rodents. It is better to prevent a possible infestation which went out of hand due to you not taking any preventive actions when you spotted the pest first. Take action if you notice something amiss.

What can You do if the Pests have Come to Stay ?

It is important to deal with pests and rodents as soon as you notice signs of their presence. First try and find their nest. They usually come in big numbers. Do you have more than a few or can you handle it? If so, it is time to call the professional from your local pest control company. They will not only get rid of the problem, they will also give you pest prevention advice to make sure that you are safer and better prepared in the future.

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