A Top 10 of Mice Pest Control Advice Tips

Rat & Mice Pest Control Advice and Tips

Is your home plagued by rats or mice?

Avon Pest Control provides a comprehensive list of common and easy to follow rat & mice pest control advice and tips in this news article. When it comes to our defenses against mice or rat infestations most of us tend to ignore them until we are faced with a real infestation.

One mouse in the home is hardly cause for an alarm, especially if you live in the countryside – it is not a sign of an infestation. Many homeowners will not pay much attention to mice or rats until they have a serious problem on their hands. Mice and rats should not be ignored for the simple reason that they rarely travel alone. When you see one mouse or rat odds are that there are others in your home, only you haven’t come across them yet.

The biggest problem with mice and rats is the speed at which they multiply. One single mouse or rat has the potential to deliver two or three litters in a year and a litter typically has more than 5 little mice or rats in it. Granted, some of these will die, but the ones that live are mature and can have babies of their own in just a few weeks. Can you imagine how fast they can fill your home? It is very important to take action as soon as you see or even sense the presence of mice in your home.

What are some of the Problems caused by Mice and Rats?

Mice or rats in the home can lead to all sorts of issues. The biggest concern is that they can lead to diseases in human beings. If you ignore rat and mice pest control their numbers increase and you will notice that your family falls ill often and some of these illnesses can be very serious. Other than causing potentially fatal illnesses here are some other problems that are caused by mice or rats in your home:

  • As their numbers grow they will eat through anything they can find. They might start by raiding your larder and eating leftovers off the kitchen counters but as their numbers increase they will start to eat through books, furniture, carpets, clothing and even the very structure that your home is made of. This can lead to structural damage to your property.Mice Pest Control Advice - footprints and droppings
  • Mice and rats will leave your home dirty. They will leave droppings and footprints everywhere – in fact that is one of the easiest ways to know that you have an infestation. These dropping can spread diseases, so be careful when handling the clean up. You may vacuum and clean everywhere but every few days you will notice fresh little black pellets on the floor, in cupboards, in drawers and in corners.
  • Mice and rat are noisy. When you have just one or two you may not hear them but as their numbers increase you will hear them at night as they scurry around in search of food. If you are a light sleeper they can keep you up all night. Often they tend to hide in the cavity between walls out of reach of the homeowners.
  • If you are a landlord you should be especially careful of mice and rats in your properties. There are strict regulations detailing your duties when it comes to pest control and contravention can lead to heavy fines not to mention loss of tenants.
  • Mice and rats will eat through your food stores and if you buy large amounts of dry goods you may experience significant losses.

Avon Pest Control’s Top 10 of Rat & Mice Pest Control Advice and Tips

  1. The simplest way to keep mice out of your home is to practice good hygiene and make sure that your home is clean at all times. Mice will often go where they can find trash and garbage left outside or around your home – it is a rich source of nutrition for the rodents. Make sure to cover all food containers. Clean up left overs and even shield your pets food bowl in such away the rats or mice cant access it.
  2. Make sure that all food is properly secured. Never leave food on the countertop especially at night as this is when mice come out to scavenge. All dishes should be cleaned at the end of the day. The countertop and floors should be wiped down to get rid of food bits.
  3. Make sure that all leftovers are it airtight lunch boxes and kept away in the fridge.
  4. Your larder should be just as well maintained as your fridge. All food should be kept in airtight containers and covered at all times. If you have large rinds of cheese make sure that they are properly stored. Clean out your larder every few months to get rid of any food that may have dropped in hard to reach places.
  5. If you see mice in your home they are getting in through somewhere and your first priority should be to find out where. If you leave your doors open they could be coming in that way, so you should close them. Daring mice can also use windows to climb into homes – it is up to you to be observant, find the entry point and get rid of it or secure them so the mice or rats cant use them any longer to gain access to your home.
  6. If you have an overcrowded attic or basement it is the perfect place for rats and mice to nest. Clean it out and get rid of all items that are not in constant use. If there are items that you must keep make sure that they are tightly secured in boxes and no rodents cant access or break into them.
  7. Inspect your attic and basement every once in a while to check for mice whether or not there is a sign of infestation in your home.

    Mice Pest Control Advice & Tips

    Owning a cat deters mice and rats.

  8. Having a cat or two is a great way to deter mice especially if you only get the occasional one. Traps have also been known to help, but not if you have lots of mice in the home. Keep in mind that many times traps will fail because mice know what they are for.
  9. You may be tempted to use mice or rat poison to get rid of mice or rats and while it works it can present a major problem. Once the mice ingest the poison they don’t die right away – they often crawl into hard to reach places and die there. Because you don’t know where they are they will eventually stink up your home. Also mice get ever more resistant to poisons so these should only be used by the professional exterminators.
  10. Some people catch and release. This is cute, but remember you may only be able to catch one or two, whereas your home could be infested with dozens of mice.

What to do if you face a Rat or Mice Infestation?
What is the best Rat or Mice Pest Control Service?

If you want to get rid of rats or mice once and for all you should call in a professional rat and mice pest control company, otherwise called an exterminator. They will come in and do general inspection of your home to determine where the rats or mice are nesting. They will find all access points through which mice or rats gain access to your home. Professional exterminators use specialist equipment and the right combination of chemicals and poisons. They will perform an extermination to get rid of all mice or rats including their babies and they will also block all entrance points and leave strategically placed traps for the ones which were out when the extermination was performed.

One such company is Avon Pest Control. We are an experienced exterminator that deals with many different kinds of pests. We can effectively get rid of all rats and mice in your property. We can also offer a professional decontamination service when required. We also provide you with rat and mice pest control advice so that you can avoid problems in the future.

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