10 Traditional British Remedies which Repel Black Ants from entering Your Home

Repel black ants - Black garden ants kissing on a black currant

A few weeks ago you noticed a few black ants on a section of your property and thought nothing of it. Now you see them in many other areas. You witness them in the kitchen, in your dining area, near your garbage bins or even all over your basement. What can you do to repel black ants?

Black ants are a common occurrence in the summer. When it is warm and wet they come out to play.  It is very hard to get rid of them. Many homeowners wait to act against black ants until they are sure that they have an infestation on their hands. What you should always remember is that to repel black ants we need to destroy the colony of insects. Where you see a few black ants there will be more of their friends to follow.

Black ants can damage property, wreak havoc on food and cause very painful bites.

How to Repel Black Ants?

The first thing that often comes to mind is a chemical concoctions that is sure to kill them dead on the spot. The problem with many of these chemicals is best described as follows. While these chemicals can kill black ants or repel black ants, they also damage the environment. This can result in other species and even plants dying in the area where you use or spread the chemicals.

Before you resort to a chemical solution,  try some of the following 10 traditional British Remedies, which are know to repel black ants.

Repel black ants from your garden - A team of ants working a mushroom

Our Top 10 of British remedies known to Repel Black Ants.

  1. Use Cinnamon. Ants do not like the smell of cinnamon. Cinnamon helps to drive them out of your home or away. This spice is easy to find obtain. Cinnamon is cheap and environmentally friendly. You can use cinnamon oil. Dab a little on a piece of cotton. Then use the cotton ball to wipe down the paths that ants travel along. You can also place cinnamon cloves or powder around areas that are frequented often by black ants. They will not die but this will result in the black ants finding a different place to forage.
  2. White vinegar has a very strong smell that ants just can’t stand. So it should be a part of your black ant fighting arsenal. The best thing you can do is measure out equal parts of white vinegar and water. Then put the solution in a spray bottle. You can add a few drops of any essential oil that you may have in your kitchen. Spray all areas that are frequented by black ants. Especially on hot days when they are more likely to venture into your home for refuge. Look for entry points. If you can soak them in the water and vinegar solution you will be able to keep black ants away for good. White vinegar is an excellent repellent against black ants.
  3. Borax works too. Borax is toxic to black ants. Black ants die when they ingest Borax. Mix it into a  food jelly to make it more attractive for the black ants.
  4. You love the smell of fresh lemons. Black ants hate it. Split a fresh lemon in two. Then rub the juice on areas where ants like to walk. This will repel black ants and make them think twice before returning.
  5. Peppermint is another effective way to repel black ants. Black ants hate the smell. More, you will find other insects are repelled at the same time. Mix a few drops of essential peppermint oil with water and spray it onto all problem areas.
  6. Diatomaceous earth is also very effective in getting rid of black ants. It is easy to use. Just sprinkle a bit onto the areas that are affected. As soon as you do black ants will retreat or move away for good.
  7. Get rid of ant pullers.  Black ants are coming to your home for a reason. They found things that they can forage on. You should make sure that your kitchen is properly cleaned at all times. Make sure you leave no food scraps lying around in your home. Prevention is always better then a cure.
  8. Cover your garbage bin.  Then remove any pieces of food left on the ground around it.
  9. String up nets below fruit trees to catch falling fruit. Fruit will else attract many black ants.Repel black ants - use nets under fruit trees.
  10. If you notice more than a few ants call in a professional exterminator to assist you with the re,oval of all black ants from your home.

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